Do Half of Black Women Support That Punk Chris Brown????

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Bossip recently conducted a poll and only 54% of respondents thought Rihanna was dumb for taking Chris Brown back after he beat her down to the white meat. Black women are over three-times more likely to get beat up or killed by no-good Black Men than white women.

Is this a case of our women being beat down so much that we don’t feel it’s a big deal when we get our a*ses kicked by no-good Black men like that little punk Chris Brown?

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  • Little Miss Sunshine


  • Re (Watchmen is out tomorrow!)

    Ummm….I do not condone it. But I won’t lie, my man and I have done wrestlemania in our room before.

  • Re (Watchmen is out tomorrow!)

    Wrestlemania…not Boxing champ….

  • me!


  • me!

    i dont condone it! but i have never been in the beat down situation so i cant be fast to call her stupid even tho she’s making the wrong decision

  • She 4 real

    I think it’s wrong, but I do question if they were both violent towards each other over a period of time. I think “wasted yellow” chris brown deserves whatever the courts dish out!

    top 10 😀

  • She 4 real

    I would also like to add…a man should never do that to a woman!

  • MistaO

    bossip can catch the middle one for this blatan racist attack on Black men. Not that some, get it, some BM are not abusers, but clearly there are just as many (if not more) white and other race men who abuse and kill women as well…

    Don’t get it so twisted, abuse of all natures knows no color lines AND gender lines as well…

  • Its Misty Babbyy

    dnt judge..let them do them at the end of the day none of our opinions matter

  • Bernadette

    I dont support Chris but I dont like him being publicly lynched either. Its said to see his career end so tragicly but he did whoop rhiannas ass and he should pay.

  • Bernadette

    meant sad

  • Moreaces

    That’s pretty darn sad, I hope Chris gets exactly what he deserves, which is some jail time, he can then be forgiven, once he serves his time, and hopefully take responsibility for his actions and himself.

  • Speculations

    Bossip, give it a break. Ya’ll stay trying to make a story out of this nonsense between two very sheltered kids. The whole situation has been blown out of proportion. I’m not defending him, but you still have only one side of the story. Nobody knows what Chris told the police when he turned himself in. It just seems odd that he would just start beating on her for reading his text messages. A normal guy would be on the defensive trying to wiggle his way out of it. He had to be provoked. Biting is a defense mechanism, last resort when you can’t use your hands, as in driving a rented Lamborghini. As for black women getting abused more, white women get abused just as much, they just don’t report it. Plus I wouldn’t trust a statistic from a website that gets all of their breaking news from other websites. Um note to Bossip, it’s not breaking news if you aren’t the first to report it!

  • Bajansparkle

    Any type of violence is just plain wrong between two human beings be it man and woman, two women or two men…. that is not the way we should live with each other….Unless it comes down to self defence.

  • The Foosa

    what is this, the Color Purple?


    I’m tried of people speaking on something as if there were there. I’m not defending anyone, but I dang sho am not about to CONDEMN anyone either. Considering all the things we can get riled up over (15 year old gettin beat by cops) we choose THIS?

  • Luv-Lee

    Its so hard to judge these situations when you never been through it.


    LOL…at the pic…

  • Bajansparkle

    Unless it comes down to self defence then you can break a niggas arm !!

  • Blawyer

    I am a university educated black woman and an attorney, and I am usually proud of my people on this board. I am however, extremely saddened by the fact that people continue to defend CB with a proviso “maybe they were both violent towards each other” “maybe she did something horrible” “maybe she gave him a disease”. It is a sad day for me, when we have role models like Barack and Michelle Obama, black women are still believing that they could do something that could make a man beat them like that, and that in some warped fashion, a woman could deserve it. From a personal perspective, if Rihanna is stupid enough to take him back, she needs some counselling. From a less personal point of view, BLACK WOMEN, WAKE THE f***k up! There is NOTHING, and I repeat NOTHING, a woman can do, short of stabbing you, that would deserve some violence like that. Men are more powerful than women. And with that comes responsibility not to use unreasonable force. If she hits him, he had a duty to defend himself, but not in that way. Restraint would have done. Not a beat down.

    And all you women who keep defending Boot Leg Neyo, I cannot believe you are for real. If you are indeed for real, I continue to pray for the black race cause you guys are the ones raising kids that my kids have to interact with in future.

    A REAL Man should never place his hands on his woman. That’s whats up. I have been in a relationship with someone who grew up tough, and no matter how tough he is with his buddies and mates (he is not a soft guy), never once in 10 years has he placed his hands on me. Come on, black women, we can do better than that. We dont have to crucify Chris, but we need to take a firm stand that his behaviour is unacceptable and will NOT be condoned.


    Wrestlemania…not Boxing champ….

    Tealeaf got choked out yersterday…



  • ClownFace Kim K

    I cant get offended as a black woman, because I have seen the comments and heard from the very mouths of black women that approved and support Chris Brown.

    so sad

  • Roe ski Love - The checks in the mail

    Why is Bossip refering to us as no good black men. Why men kill their woman and dump them in the ocean. Or chop their heads off. Stop catagorizing us you chinese fish head eating mofos.

  • Angelgirl

    I think that because of the fact that he is a celebrity this is being blown out of porpotion! Like in Florida a lady was shot by her boyfiend because of the fact she did not want to be with him anymore! And this happened yesterday! I do not see anyone covering this! It is a way for prosecution to come up and try and make a name for themselves. I do not condone him in any way but there are a lot of domestic abuse cases that they push under the rug and the women end up dead!!

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