Sounding a Little Shaky

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Whitney Houston performed “I Will Always Love You” at her comeback concert in Malaysia this weekend. Poor thang. Those vocals ain’t what they used to be. All those rocks probably permanently disabled her ability to hit the high notes.

She does get an “A” for effort though, at least she didn’t forget where she was performing like Bobby did a few weeks ago.

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  • TXbred

    HAHA she got BOBBY-ITIS; fatal for even the strongest career!

  • famu

    That’s not bad!

    Recently, quite a few celebrities were said to appear on the millionaire luxury club OMG!!! Are these famous guys fond of internet dating for now?? Maybe they are indeed so rich that they feel boring sometimes to need new things?

  • fruitloop

    Can’t knock her for putting herself up there. Hope she gets back to her best.

    BTW, have u all seen those pics of Aretha Franklin from the weekend? That woman needs to stop wearing thin strapped dresses FFS. She needs boulder-holders and for someone to shout, “Step AWAAAY from the KFC bucket!”

  • Sun Goddess

    It’s ok. She’s not as strong as I’m used to seeing, but I think she can get her voice back and be better as ever. I swear to God, though, this meetrich f*cker…….

  • Sun Goddess

    And what’s shaky is Aretha on a card table….

    That’s wrong but….

  • Baby Please


  • Southern Belle 225

    she still sounds good but time and Bobby have taken its toll on her voice.

  • anonomous44

    I think she sounds different but still good. I didn’t expect her to even sound that good after all she has put herself through.

  • I luv nippy

    She probably has much damage to her vocal cords it doesn’t take much. There are artist who have completely lost their singing voices FOREVER due to drug abuse and health issues. Nippy is so blessed to be able to sing at all. Bobby was an abusive, drug addicted enabler. Her family must hate him for what he did to her.

    She’s a survivor ,no doubt, and I’d like to see a comeback.

  • Fiddy

    who can out sing her besides Patty!!The girl still got it!

  • Cece

    Whatever she Whitney went through, she put herself through – not Bobby. She was and is a grown woman with her own mind. She’s paying for all that crap she put herself through but I hope she can get back to a certain degree of success.

  • Shawn08

    She sounds great to me!!!! Still better than the majority of all singers out right now…

  • airspray

    She needs to sing all new songs.. She still got that “gift” or “divine favor,” to please her fans.

  • anonymous

    don’t blame all her problems on bobby. she was already a coke head long before bobby. she did that to herself.

  • Someone

    to those who blame time and age for whitney’s voice, she’s not that old. patti sings just as well as she has for years and she’s in her 60s.

    Whit destroyed her vocal chords, and is missing her top teeth. Yes, drugs really did that to her. Not just Bobby. Bobby may have been a catalyst, but not the direct cause.

  • jazzyphile

    Never “kick the gift horse in the mouth”. Whitney was blessed with the gift of song and she abused it. I hope she can make it back. Peopls…let this be a lesson.

    Oh yeah, she married Bobby Brown. No one forced him on her.

  • Ro Ro

    At least she sounds way better than she did when she performed live at that Michael Jackson special they had a couple of years back. Thank the lord she is healthy and doing good. I just hope that this success is a permanent one and not just something temporary. Keeping fingers crossed

  • jade

    She sounds fine. You people need to get alife and stop critisizing someone who is trying to pull her life together. Nobody postin’ can outsing that woman. Nobody “singin” these days can outsing that woman.

  • pat

    she sounds a fool now …compared to live performances from the “BODYGUARD” and “WAITING TO EXHALE” dayz…and Whitney’s not that old so i really cant give her a pass….however i’d still pay to see her being that she’s still vocally better than 90% of da chicks out today

  • Lady Architect

    I think she is starting to sound much better than a few years back but she still doesn’t have her spectacular voice that she once had…I loved whitney’s voice and is still a true fan praying for her and hoping she gets a great vocal coach to bring it all back.

  • KingHenry

    She sounds terrible. It takes a while of being off drugs before your cords get back to being anywhere what they used to be. Mary is case in point. It took her a couple years before her voice and range came back. In Whitney’s case she can’t get away with being raspy because she sold her self as a pop vocalist. She need to go sit down for a couple more years then attempt a comeback.

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals

    Hmmp. Hmmp. Hmmp!

    Some people are just waitin’ to hate!

    No, she doesn’t sound like the ealrier Whitney we’ve grown to love. Yes, she did severely damage her voice over the years.


    I would glady take Whitney as she is today over any of these non singing, tatted up, always trying to be relevant, supposed to be artist we have today!

    Kiss my butt and Merry Christams! Lol!!!!!!!

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals

    @ KingHenry–

    You make a good point!!!

    OK. OK. You don’t have to kiss my but but have a Merry Christmas! Lol!!!!!!!!!!

  • DM

    She sounds freaking awful!

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