Swirl Problems: With Her Olympic Dreams Dashed, Cheetah Woods “Starting To Feel Trapped” In Relationship With Lindsey Vonn

- By Bossip Staff

If you having swirl problems we feel bad for you son. Lindsey Vonn is determined to make her love affair with Tiger last, but he’s looking ready to put her in the past…

According to National Enquirer reports:

WITH her Olympic dreams shattered, champion skier Lindsey Vonn began pressing boyfriend Tiger Woods for a baby – but the skirt-chasing golfer got her a dog instead, a source says.

The glamour couple’s relationship is going through a rough patch be­cause dad-of-two Tiger is dead-set against having more children, and he doesn’t want any part of Lindsey’s dysfunctional family, the sources add.

Just one day after Lindsey bowed out of the Sochi Win­ter Olympic Games, Tiger boosted her spirits – and tried to take her mind off motherhood – by jointly adopting an injured, mixed-breed pup named Leo from a Jupiter, Fla., animal shelter.

Tiger, 38, picked out a different dog, but Lindsey, 29, insisted on taking home Leo because “he has a bad knee, just like me.”

“Adopting the dog was Tiger’s sneaky way of delaying Lindsey’s requests to have a baby,” a close source told The ENQUIRER.

One of the top women alpine skiers in history, Lindsey suffered a devastating crash on the slopes in 2013, tearing ligaments and breaking a bone in her right leg. She set her sights on a comeback at the Sochi Winter Games in Russia in February but re­injured her knee in December and was eventually forced to bow out of the games, putting her future athletic career in doubt.

“Lindsey started looking at what she would do next with her life and began pushing Tiger for children,” said the source.

But Tiger definitely does not want more kids, in part because that would bring him closer to her troubled family, said the source.

According to court records, Lindsey’s moth­er Linda Kildrow has suffered from depression and got into a bitter divorce battle with her husband Alan in 2002. Court records show that he charged that she had lost interest in raising her children, forcing them to do household chores and cook for themselves while she spent much of her time alone in her room. In turn, court records indicate that Linda accused Alan of kidnapping their children to keep them away from her.

Later on, Lindsey became es­tranged from her father for several years during her failed four-year marriage to coach Thomas Vonn.

“Now, Tiger is start­ing to see Lindsey as a potential ball and chain,” confided the source.

“If she’s no longer the world’s best female skier, she could lose a lot of her appeal to him.”

Tiger is also reeling from the af­tershocks of his six-year marriage to gorgeous Swedish model Elin Nordegren, which exploded after The ENQUIRER revealed his affair with New York party girl Rachel Uchitel.

Tiger and Elin – who have daughter Sam, 6, and son Charlie, 4, together – divorced in 2010 with Elin receiving a whopping $110 million settlement.

Badly burned by the collapse of his marriage, Tiger is said to be scared by Lindsey’s family.

“He’s feeling trapped,” said the source. “It’s starting to look like the beginning of the end.”

That’s one hell of a hint. When you ask your boyfriend for a baby and he gives you a dog instead. And he’s acting like she’s some kind of loser for being injured after he played like isht for how long? SMH. Girl, time to move on to another brother.

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