Poor Pups: Black Dogs Experience Discrimination And Are Last To Be Adopted Because Of Their Color

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Even black dogs get discriminated!

Black Dogs Experience Discrimination More Than Any Other Dog

Black dogs don’t get as adopted as easily as others animals of other colors.

Via Daily Mail reports:

The reason is largely because of some common misconceptions about them. Black dogs are mischaracterized as mean and potentially violent and according to NBC News. Black Dog Syndrome is a phenomenon in which dogs with black fur often go unadopted because of misinformed stereotypes.

Black dogs are are euthanized at a much higher rate than dogs with different complexions. Many owners of black dogs say they are sweet, lovable, but also unwanted.

The chances of being adopted are poor if you’re a black dog. People assume black dogs are going to be aggressive and mean. A lot of times black dogs and black cats stay in shelters a lot longer than other dogs. There are a lot of reasons, myths and theories why. They don’t show up as well in the kennels, the lighting situation is not the same in the kennel. They just blend in. Website pictures do not do the black dogs justice. Black dogs in folklore have been associated with death and ghosts.

There are superstitions, folklore, much the same as black cats. A lot of people think a black dog is bad luck.

Even puppies are discarded because of the color of their fur. Fara Robinson from Charlotte SPCA says that it is an Old wives tales that black dogs are mean and don’t photograph as well unless you have the right lighting. ‘Black dog syndrome sees black dogs over looked and they are euthanized at a higher rate. Shelters are literally overrun and with black dogs and puppies.

How the hell are you racist against a damn dog???

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