Get Your Life Together: Selena Gomez Tells Justin Bieber He Must Get Anger Management

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Selena doesn’t want Justin going batisht crazy on her.

Selena Says Justin Must Get Anger Management

Smart girl. Selena is asking Justin to get help now so she won’t have egg on her face.

According to Hollywood Life:

Selena has told Justin that he MUST go to anger management if he wants to get back together with her for good, a new report from Yahoo! claims.

While it’s true that Selena is worried about Justin’s behavior, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that she’s not pushing him to do anything he doesn’t want to do.

“Selena is not giving Justin any ultimatums,” the source reveals. “She’s upset but she’s just trying to be supportive of him. So many people are getting on Justin’s case and the last thing she wants to do is come down on him. She’s very, very much on his side.”

“As far as her telling him to go to anger management, that’s not happening,” the source adds.

Justin is so lucky to have Selena to help him through this troubling time! We just hope it’s not taking too much of a toll on her well-being.

“Selena has been told repeatedly to avoid stress at all costs when it comes to her overall health,” a friend of Selena’s tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Lupus is triggered by stress and anxiety, and right now Selena is completely stressed about Justin and this whole egging nightmare. She’s worried sick about him, but at the same time she won’t leave him. She’s basically picking Justin over her own well-being.”

Selena don’t fawk up and have a flare up over the Biesbter.


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