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Crazy Tameka Foster on the media turning against her to Essence Magazine:

We (black women) don’t like ourselves. If I were Hispanic, Usher would have the sexiest wife alive. If I were mixed, he’d have the sexiest wife alive.

“But he has a black girl, and it’s like, ‘She’s horrible and she’s ugly!’ “OK, maybe I don’t fit the cookie-cutter standard – 25 and a size two – but this is who he loves.”

Usher’s mother doesn’t like her so she must be color-struck too. SMH.


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  • Kim

    It’s not that she’s a black woman…it’s just that she looks “manish”

  • Yvette

    I have said it since he married her, can’t knock her hustle. I was skeptical about her because she is unattractive even with makeup on, not because she is black and doesn’t fit what society says she should look like! She just looks like a man to me, LOL. But at the same time, she is older, so her game may be a bit tighter, LOL. She got Usher on lock, and the pregnancy was right on time. And where are her OTHER kids, by the way? Because we sure as hell haven’t seen them or even heard about them since she got with Usher, its like this baby is her only one. But at the same time, she has given me the ability to have even more confidence in myself that I could have had Usher if I was in the right place and time! LOL. Cause if he sprung off THAT, I KNOW I could have had him! LOL!

  • http://thebeautifulstruggler.com Sister Toldja

    She’s 100% right!

  • Love HIM

    Y’all need to stop. This isn’t a color issue. Gabrielle Union, Nia Long, Tichina Arnold, even poor Kelly Rowland who ar all chocolate women would not get the flack Tameka got. She needs to stop with that nonsense. She got the flack because she’s a cheater old enough to be his mother, who on top of everything doesn’t even get along with his mother! taht AIN’T no light skin/dark skin issue!

  • Young Black Female

    PARTLY* 🙂

  • Chi mi

    Okay, so I see I’m late as ever… Ne who, I’ll stand by what I’ve always believed regarding these two: SHE GAVE HIM THAT SPECIAL SPAGHETTI.

    On another note, isn’t this person NANA the one who always gets into heated debates on this site????

    And maybe I’m late to her change of heart, but didn’t Mary J. Fake say she wasn’t coming back on this site???

    I’ve been gone a minute, someone update me please>>>>

  • Kompton'sKutie

    He Luvs her that’s all that matters!!

    **Question 2 all?**

    Have all of your dudes/girls have all been models? No, cuz there are less attractive people in this world.

    And when you dated somebody that was not that attractive or meet the visual standards of friends n family the first thing they did was call them ugly and asked why you were with them. But it was more than looks that made you be with that person.

    So, dont knock who someone else likes.

    !!U don’t have 2 wake up 2 that person in the morning!! They do!

    If he like her, I luv her!

    O, yea and if she wasn’t black it would be, “Why he couldn’t get a sister?” U know it’s true. So, those people alone and let them be happy.

    REAL TALK 101

    *Men like woman that are in the image of their mothers and Women in the images of their fathers. Don’t think so?! Look at everybody you know or who you date, and tell me different.

    But if your mother or father is messed up some kind of way. Pay attention to who you mess with and perfect your future!

  • hey

    Is there black on black hate? yes

    Are some black people colorstruck? yes

    but is that *the* reason why the public opinion of Tameka is not so good? NO. It’s her personality and her past. We are all entitled to an opinion and if Tameka doesn’t give the public anything positive to think about her then what are we supposed to base our opinions of her on? Come on now. Don’t go blaming your shortcomings on other people.

    So, if Tameka had a great past and people acknowledged her for that, would she be saying “the only reason why people say *good* things about me is because I’m dark.”?

  • Chi mi

    Okay, I don’t know what happened to my last comment…

    Like I said before, She gave him that SPECIAL SPAGHETTI

    and isn’t NANA the person who stays in heated “debates” regardless to the topic???

    And maybe I’m late, but didn’t Mary J. Fake say she wasn’t “gracing us” with her apearance ever again???

    I’ve been gone for a while, so somebody please fill me in…>>>

  • Love HIM

    Um I just thought about it and at first I didn’t think she was unattractive at all for an older woman. But as it went on and you could clearly see she was coming in between him and his mom…and his fans for that matter, she became less and less attractive. When Usher was with Chilli and Naomi who are darker women nobody said anything so that “I’m dark and that’s why they hate me.” shctick is NOT flying! Maybe its the arrest record? HMMMMM

  • JerseyBred

    She’s right.

    I just don’t like how she left her husband. I guess she was never happy. & where are her kids? I’ve never seen them.

  • adsa


  • adsa

    She has a point, shame on all of you…

  • adsa

    shame, shame, shame…

  • adsa

    I see it all the time…….

  • Bahama Mama

    LMAO, she still U.G.L.Y

  • tintin

    tameka is right. but i don’t think we hate on her cause she’s black i just think she left her husband, has a trailer load of kids already and went and got pregnant within like 2 months of divorcing her man. It’s sound like a gold digger to me and I think that’s why black women haven’t taken a liking to tameka in my opinion. She has her own agenda is clearly using a good black man. She gave up one for money already

  • adsa

    When are you going to get it together….tsk, tsk

  • Bahama Mama

    hey if usher is happy that’s grand! but it don’t make a difference if she were white , brown, black or blue if she was ugly I was gone say she UGLY….

  • Cologne Man

    I know that’s right!

  • hiswife

    tintin you are so right.. I love the fact that Usher is married to a black woman because he could have been one of those “rich and switch” ones but what angers me is what you said, she left her children behind and any man that will marry a woman that leaves her children behind is just as bad as she is. He has enough money to raise her kids as his own and move them into the house (unless of course they are all over the age of 18).

  • Soul Cry

    Read this in Essence, and she is right. It’s sad, but damn it’s true.

  • mixed-up

    If he likes it, I love it! Who gives a Dayum!!

  • Lady Architect


    I completely agree with you and couldn’t have said it better…it has nothing to do with being black…it has everything to do with the way she went about things and how she’s perceiving the black woman as the golddigger who would leave her husband and kids for the life of fame and feel younger…honestly I think she was too close to Usher for her to be married at the time for knowing him and that’s why black women don’t like her…People call her ugly and stuff because thats their opinions and some people think she has an ugly personality…so don’t use that blk women hate themselves crap because you are definitely fitting what men sterotype blk women as and why they prefer white women.

  • nahnah

    Some of you act like you know her personally. Seriously, how do you know the stories that you’re hearing is correct?

    The majority of what I’ve been hearing about her lately is that she’s ugly and she looks like a man – but I don’t see no man, I see a woman. So stop trying to backtrack, please.

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