Beyonce's Most Passive Aggressive Moments

Bey Day: Beyonce’s Most Passive Aggressive Moments

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Beyonce’s Most Passive Aggressive Moments

Beyonce is one of the most beloved ladies in the world. She’s also no stranger to slander and hate. However, she’s also known to dish out her own. Not only that, but she’s good at dropping the slander on the sly. Don’t believe us? Here are some of Bey’s most passive aggressive moments.

Cropping Kelly – Why you gotta crop Kelly out of your Aaliyah pic?

*Cough* – When Kelly called herself the second lead vocalist, Bey damn near had a seizure with her coughing.

Wally World – When Bey heard that Target wasn’t selling her album, she went to Wal-Mart and gave all of her fans gift cards. Take that, Target.

Bow Down – She released her Bow Down song to respond to the Keri Hilsons and Keyshia Coles of the world without naming any names.

Kim Kardashian – She was said to be none too happy to be associated with Kim so she tried everything to keep her distance.

No Vegan Diet – When Jay Z announced he and Beyonce’s vegan diet, Bey Bey rocked pepperoni pizza pants to show her silent protest.

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You’re Fired – She got rid of Matthew Knowles when he was caught for dirty dogging…maybe that’s not so passive aggressive.

Drake Shade – Look at her not even looking at dude after Lil Wayne dropped that diss about her. She was not having it.

Destiny’s Child – Of course, her breaking up of Destiny’s Child and refusal to talk about it for a while is all time shade.



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