Michael Jackson’s Still Got It

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Posted by Bossip Staff

One would be inclined to think MJ just finished performing, but that would be an incorrect assumption.  This clear fella was merely leaving the theatre after watching “Oliver” with his churren.  Damn.

More pics of this thang when you…

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  • joyce

    1st? anywhoo, MJ is so beyond washed up. He should have saved his money…

  • The Third Eye

    2nd! I’d like to see Michael since it will be one of his last tours. But I think he’s just trying to test the waters and see how many people cares. If he gets good results he’ll be touring some more.

  • The Third Eye

    2nd he’ll be touring some more if he gets a good turn out. I wanna see him perform one of these days.




  • Margo

    Dude only got 6 comments so far (including mine)? *crickets*

  • stuffbetweenmytoes

    i hear he’s making a comeback and i’m gonna be there!

  • O no Its Misty Babyyy

    Michael is still the shit…u know minus smelling like lil boys azz

  • Ara

    King of Pop!!!! …. Heyyyyyy!!

  • http://copthat.com CLICK ME PLEASE!!

    he does that for fun. he’s an evil genius.

  • The Truth.......aka Sweet

    I just want other great album from MJ and not the Re-Re-release of Thriller crap again with remixes! LOL Mj is still the King of Pop despite his personal life.

  • I Love Being Black

    Clear, transparent, and very soon…invisible. Mike, please stop!!!

    Can’t deny that I liked Thriller, HIStory and the joint with the song Butterflies on it. I really miss the old Mike. Black, brown and dark brown are back in style again 😉

  • Honit Sinti

    Despite the exterior, the interior is pure genius.

  • MJ

    I LOVEEE YOU MICHAEL FOR FOREVER<33333333333333333

  • Usher's ex DON'T hate he is fugly now

    I can not stand micheal jackson any more
    He is the reason must black iconic celebrities think it is beneficial to look like another RACE entirely to make it
    Micheal comes form a entirely different era where that may have been the case then but times have changed and it is shameful that today’s famous black icons has not realized it YET
    it shows our lack of intelligence and it was not forced nor pressure that make us decide this if we was proud just like the jewish whom defend their religion for centuries but an oppurtunity for black people to outwardly show hate for being born black and they are very ashamed of any one whom is black and hate us with self perpetuate racism of self and we all follow them because they was born black but do not act like they are proud we do we any one show them love when they cleary hate us

    i’m out

  • Shar

    What is Amistad doing there holding back the crowd for MJ? Kimora needs him to carry her bags or one of her big kids.

  • Kigali(Joyfully Licking the Asses of Random Cracka's Since 1972)

    @ Steady Laughing

  • Kiss It

    I ain’t mad. GO MJ!

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