And the Newest Member of the ATL Housewives is…

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That’s right, it’s Kandi Burruss from the 90’s group, Xscape, and she just signed on as the latest ATL Housewife, while Tiny will stick her nose in as a quasi-housewife:

NeNe, Kim, Sheree, and Lisa, make room for one more! has learned exclusively that DeShawn Snow’s replacement on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta is Kandi Burruss, a singer-songwriter from the platinum-selling ’90s R&B girl group Xscape (which also included sistersLaTocha and Tamika Scott, as well as Burruss’ best friend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle). Burruss is undeniably the most notable member from Xscape. Since the group parted ways in the late ’90s, she had a somewhat successful solo singing career (her biggest hit: “Don’t Think I’m Not”) but has seen ever greater successes with songwriting. Along with Cottle (who’s married to rap superstar T.I.), she wrote TLC’s 1999 smash hit “No Scrubs.” Burruss has also penned jams for Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child, Boyz II Men, Alicia Keys, and Faith Evans. The singer-songwriter has a daughter, 6-year-old Riley, from a previous relationship, and a boyfriend. Burruss fills the spot vacated by DeShawn Snow, who is the wife of Cleveland Cavaliers NBA player and NBA TV announcer Eric Snow.

Now, we get it.  The marriage part of ATL Housewives is optional.  Anyway, it should be plenty interesting to see Kandi mix it up with those other ATL housewomen.

Let’s Just Kick It and watch some old ass Xscape, shall we?


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    1st,Kandi is a cool songwriter,but i think they should of used Tiny at least shes married.

  • Mocha Belle

    Ummm….did I miss something? When did Tiny marry TI?

  • wickedorchid

    Is she broke like the rest of them?

  • eveinthegarden

    I dont get it. Housewives that arent married….?

  • Razzell Dazzell

    This should be interesting. Now, through my research I learned Kandi and Jermaine were items at one point? Can anyonce confirm? She has beautiful singing voice…I thought she was married, I could be wrong (I thought she was married to someone in the industry). I hope tiny doesn’t get put on…I can barely understand what that chick even saids..lil’rat!

  • Yvonne

    Well, from looking at her, this new Housewife will either be a friend or foe to NeNe.

    It’s just something about her that makes me think there will be a LOT of drama when the new series starts.

    I have never heard of the group Xscape so I don’t know anything about her other than what I just read in the above article.

  • EastSwagger

    All I have to say is WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY.. AInt had a hit since the 90’s and Let Alone a SOLO hit was NEVER!!!!!!!!

  • Love None

    Hell the white girl is not married so what does it really matter! I guess y’all forgot about that huh?

  • PURPPLE, just call me TADOW

    aww shux i like kandi..bout to make me sing that verse from Sole song again….

  • Why?

    This is sad. Why can’t they find a black woman who is married, educated and successful in ATL! This just feeds into the stereotype that black women are ghetto with babies out of wedlock and don’t value marriage. This is embarrassing!

  • Dshan

    Kandi is okay as far as “Housewives” go. She is engaged to be married which is more than I can say for Kim or Sheree. And every season of Housewives has someone that is NOT married i.e. Bethany-NY; Jeana-OC. Plus Kandi is a HIT songwriter from what I heard. Songs she wrote have sold over 30+ mil!

  • MissBlaze44

    @ Why

    Because most of the women in ATL who are Married and Educated are too damn stuck up for a show like this and would think it was beneath them.

    And more than likely they’d be too old – which would make the show hella boring!

  • whatever man!

    Long Time Reader, First Time Comment. She ruined U and Dat by E40(what u goin do wit this p@#$y!) every time she sang that part it made my blood curl.

  • Mahogany

    Hmmmm…..I don’t believe that T.I. married Tiny. I do believe she is still at “baby-momma” status. LOL….

  • Darkesthourglass

    Kandi’s written songs for some big acts. That’s the smartest way to make money in the music industry. Believe, this chick isn’t going broke anytime soon.

  • Jeremy

    its funnyhowallof the girl groups from the 90s have reality shows/ Taj from SWV is now on Suvivor/ T-BOZ from TLC is on Donald Trump’s show/Now Kandiss is on this one- just thought I would point out that useless information

  • Mock Rock Star

    I’ve always like Kandi and I hope she does a great job
    BTW, I live in Atlanta and I’m married

    Do we have to be wealthy and dignified to be on the show???

  • Mock Rock Star

    whatever man!

    Long Time Reader, First Time Comment. She ruined U and Dat by E40(what u goin do wit this p@#$y!) every time she sang that part it made my blood curl.

    No offense, but I thought E-40 ruin his songs quite well on his own…just sayin

  • imrightdammit

    I guess you don’t have to be a “wife” to be a housewife… SMH….

  • Butterscotch

    Some folks just don’t want to get married, and that seems to be the case with Tiny and T.I. It’s not what I would want, but to each his own. Yes, they are a little clownish as a couple, but they seem happy and the kids are taken care of.

    As for the show, it is what it is. As long as the ratings are high, there is no incentive to make the show “classy and tasteful.”

  • Chevy Rider

    First of all, to all the haters Kandi wrote hits, do your research. No Scrubs for Destiny’s Child is just one example. I think she was dating or married to the producer Kevin “Sheakspeare” Briggs at one point (don’ know what happened to him tho, he’s MIA). They were a great songwriting team about 7 or 8 yrs ago. and to the person above who stated that they had never heard of Xscape, you must only listen to Gospel or be a white person or something. Go do your homework, they are part of the reason that Atlanta is on the map music-wise.

  • Karen S.

    Sorry Chevy Rider, you need to do your research—“No Scrubs” was written by Kandi for the group TLC, not Destiny’s Child. Get it right BooBoo. She also had a on and off relationship with the late Gerald Levert.

  • ~*~$tar Cherry~*~

    wow, Gerald Levert..and Kandi?? I can’t see that. Not saying its not true, but I can’t see those two coupled up. Anyway, I guess all u need is some money and live in the ATL area to get on the show….

  • SourDiesel

    She stays right down the street from me. I’m goona see if I can make a cameo!!!:)

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