Stop The Violence: Oakland Mother Grieves After Two Teenage Sons Murdered 19 Days Apart [Video]

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Oakland Mother Grieves After Two Teenage Sons Murdered 19 Days Apart

This is sad and crazy, but unfortunately the harsh reality if we do not get this gun violence under control, pronto.

Via NBC Bay Area:

An Oakland mother has no more children left after gun violence claimed both of her two sons’ lives. Her youngest son, who was only 13 years old, was gunned down on New Year’s Eve on 104th avenue near Walnut Street. Her oldest son was shot and killed Sunday, near the intersection of 100th Avenue and Longfellow, 19 days after her 13-year-old was killed.

“Hopefully the community people will come forward,” Dinyal New said, “because how can a mother experience two losses within 19 days? Both her kids. It’s horrible.” New said no words can describe her grief. She is mourning the death of her 19-year-old son Lamar Broussard less than a week after burying her youngest son, Lee Weathersby. He was only 13 years old.

“Somebody’s failing these kids,” New said. “They feel like it’s OK to murder these kids. They have no remorse or understanding afterwards.” Harris’s mother Tameka Rothchild is in shock. “I love my son, and unfortunately people out here are heartless,” Rothchild said. “They don’t have no morals. They don’t have no type of values. They don’t care about a human being.”

New said she is begging for someone to come forward with information about the killings. She also had another request. “What I do ask is for no retaliation at all,” New said. “I want to see this in the courts. I want retaliation in the court system. Please, no retaliation.”

Oakland police said they have not identified any suspects in the shooting deaths.


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