Billionaire Nigerian Heiress Bim Fernandez Wants To Be The Rih-Birth Of Her Bajan Idol!

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She’s got a LONG way to go to catch Robyn

Nigerian Heiress Bim Fernandez Aims To Become Newest Pop Sensation

Via NYPost

When Rihanna first launched her singing career, she may have dreamed about landing the kind of fame and fortune that would allow her to buy a Picasso.

But pop star wannabe Abimbola “Bim” Fernandez, who counts Rihanna as one of her role models, already has an original canvas by the Spanish master hanging above her bed in her Manhattan pied-à-terre.

The 24-year-old beauty doesn’t need to aspire to a life of wealth and luxury. She is the daughter of Nigerian gemstone tycoon Antonio Deinde Fernandez, who Bim says is worth a staggering $8.7 billion.

Her privileged background might raise the hackles of many a cash-strapped artist struggling to break into the music industry, but Fernandez insists: “Money can’t buy a record deal.

“It can’t buy good music. You can either sing or you can’t.”

Yeah, Cassie.

She is wearing leggings and an Armani sweater. Relaxing in the corner of her couch, she delivers a running commentary on her apartment’s notable décor — besides the Picasso, there’s an original Dr. Seuss painting her mother gave her as a child, a family picture with Kofi Annan and a photo with Nelson Mandela, whom she called “Uncle Mandela,” having known him since she was a kid.

She calls him “Uncle Mandela” so we know it’s real.

It was after Bim’s mother, Aduke, died last year that Bim finally decided to pursue her dream of stardom and step up her game as a tribute to her mom. She sealed a deal with SMH Records in November, and a reality-TV pilot about her life is in final negotiations for pickup by a major network, according to her label’s co-owner, Michael A. Smith. The iTunes release of “Let’s Take It Naked,” a flute-infused, bubble-gum dance-floor jam, is expected soon, along with a music video and radio promotion from distributor Caroline Records (a division of the very big deal Capitol Music Group).

“It’s not even that racy of a song!” Fernandez says about the provocatively titled track. “It’s very poppy, like, ‘I think you’re cute! Do you like me? So let’s get naked!’ I want it to be that song where it’s like, ‘Turn that song on! Let’s get ready! Let’s do shots!’ ”

How does Daddy Warbucks feel about this? Welp…

“He’s terrified because I’m his baby — especially with [me] revealing [my] wealth, and me being alone in the country, he’s terrified of someone kidnapping me and holding me for ransom,” she says. “He also just doesn’t want people taking advantage of me because I have been very sheltered my whole life.”

They’ll be callin’ Liam Neeson to help find her azz.

“I think that, unfortunately, everyone’s perception of socialites has been pretty accurate so far, which is what I want to change,” says Fernandez. “People think I’m exactly like Paris Hilton, that I do nothing, I don’t work for myself, I don’t make my own money, I just spend my dad’s money, and I’m a spoiled brat. I hope they’re not right.”

Only time will tell. We’ll post Bim’s lil’ diddy whenever it drops and let the BOSSIP fam decide whether or not she’s got the goods.

Flip it over to see more pics of the privileged pop princess.

Images via Bim Fernandez/Rene Cervantes/NYPost

You know you got money when the dog is rockin’ Versace-Versace.

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