Cold World: 10 Struggly Singers Who Can’t Seem To Win

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Nothing these struggly singers do seems to work (or elevate them from the Z-list) and that’s unfortunate. At some point, they were actually relevant before evolving into the most slandered, unlucky and ignored R&B artists in the game.

Here are ten struggly singers who can’t seem to win. Take a look.

Keri Hilson

She was drunk in love with African man candy Serge Ibaka who distracted her from making sassy struggle tunes that no one would care about. Now she has no choice after their reported split.

Kelly Rowland

Kelendria is determined to make you care about her solo career but most folks just…don’t. This year, she’s made more headlines for being shaded by Beyonce than her engagement or music. Poor thang.

Keyshia Cole

She was the original Queen of Section 8 Soul (before K-Mart Michelle stole her lane) who made scorned hoodrat anthems, fell off and tweeted through her dysfunctional marriage.

Michelle Williams

Let’s be real: She’ll always be the Black jellybean of Destiny’s Child who desperately tries to escape Beyonce’s shadow and fails every time.


Ci-Error’s career ended years ago but she refuses to accept this or avoid physical contact with super fertile rap star boo Future.


His legacy: 1) infamous Willy-LeRoy Wonka zoot suit 2) Twitter illiteracy 3) Two solid albums.

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    The furry songbird finally waxed her sideburns, moved on from her situationship with Nelly and released new music that her own “fans” don’t even know exists.


    Tasia Mae’s country bird mentality/endless side chick problems have always held her back from reaching her full potential.

    Chrisette Michele

    She was the face of Def Jam’s Neo-R&B movement who never quite lived up to the hype fueled by her strong debut album “I Am.”


    Remember when Olivia acted like the hottest chick in the game on “Love & Hip-Hop?” You’d think she had more than one hit that dropped over a decade ago.

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