10 Celebrity Women Who Struggled With Eating Disorders

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In Hollyweird, celebs are under intense pressure to look their best at all costs. If you let some of them tell it, starving is a perfectly viable means to achieve that goal. In other cases, some of these ladies ate every chip, cookie, and snack they can get their hands on as a way to deal with depression. Here are 10 celebrities who struggled with eating disorders.

Brandy strikes a pose in Beverly Hills - Part 2


In 2012, Brandy revealed on VH1’s “Behind The Music” she used diet pills, starvation and self-induced vomiting to stay skinny.


Demi Moore

In 2012, Demi suffered a seizure and entered rehab for anorexia.


Demi Lovato

Demi opened up to “Seventeen” magazine about her eating disorder as being a “life-long disease.” The “X Factor” judge would overeat then starve herself.


Kerry Washington

Kerry struggled with an eating disorder in college where she would go on a binging cycle and then exercise for hours.

Ke$ha flashes some flesha in a granny-panted string bikini! The boisterous singer, who is Down Under on her "Get $leazy" tour, was seen showing off her fuller figure to numerous different beach goers (including one elderly gent who appeared quite taken) and was even seen attempting some sun salutation yoga moves. After her swift exercise bout, she then trotted along the beach, accidentally exposing a nipple from her tight bikini top!


Recently, Ke$ha entered rehab for an eating disorder. That’s what happens when you drink urine and eat beards.

Kyle Richards throws a bash for the opening of her store, Kyle By Alene Too

Rocsi Diaz

In a Vibe blog post, Rocsi admitted to starving herself for days to be skinny and still has body image issues today.

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    Toronto International Film Festival

    Thandie Newton

    Thandie suffered from bulimia in her 20s as the result of being in numerous abusive relationships.


    Paula Abdul

    The former “American Idol” judge suffered from bulimia in 1994 and checked herself into a clinic for treatment.


    Janet Jackson

    Janet has gone from having a bangin’ bawdy to a chubby lumpkins throughout her life. However, after Michael’s death she admitted to Robin Roberts to being an emotional eater.

    Lee Daniels' The Butler LA Premiere


    Like Janet, her weight has gone up and down throughout the years and she admits to being an emotional eater.

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