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PYT Ashley Everett opens up about dancer life with boss lady Bey Bey

Beyonce’s Back Up Dancer Ashley Everett Speaks Out

Ashley Everett and her flawless red hair have been blazing stages with Beyonce for 7 years now and she seems to be hanging in there for the long haul.

Hello Beautiful recently caught up with the talented dancer for a quick chat where she opened up about having Beysus as a boss-lady since she was 17, rumors about the upcoming Grammy performance and more.  Check out a few interview excerpts below:

You’re known primarily for your hair. How did you end up going from brown to burgundy red?
I had wanted to dye it red and I had this picture that I looked at everyday. [The hair in the picture] was way darker than what it is now, but it was still in the red family. I wanted to go there. I had my hairstylist color it and it was first time I colored my whole head and that was a big deal at the time. I dyed it, but it was still really dark because I was scared to go with it and then Beyonce one day in rehearsal was like, “Ashley, would you go really red?” She just asked me. That was my extra push. So, it slowly got more and more red.

You’ve been with her for quite a while, and she’s definitely changed throughout the years, how has your style as a performer evolved along with her growth?
I was really young when I first started. I was 17. But, she was young, too. She wasn’t the same woman; she wasn’t married, she didn’t have a baby. I’ve matured and just become the woman I am now and she’s definitely played a big part in that. I’ve just grown with her, especially with this new album. This new album is very mature and sexual. She wants women on stage with her, she doesn’t want little girls.

What’s the craziest costume you ever had to dance in?
I’ve definitely had to dance in some crazy shoes. Shoes are always a set up when it comes to us being dancers and it’s usually in videos. One of the craziest most outrageous costumes I had to wear was for the O2 commercial where she’s the King Bey and we’re her entourage of people [laughs]. We literally wore corsets and dresses with those hip things in them. It was so hard to sit in it, walk around. We couldn’t drink anything all day because if we had to pee, it would’ve taken a half hour to get out and get back in. It was full-on corsets.

Ashley also spoke on the conversation she had with Bey about the real reason she cut her hair, having to keep her look the same and rumors about an upcoming performance at the Grammys.  Hit the flip to hear what else she had to say.

It seems like Beyonce encourages you all show to your personalities a little.
She definitely does and she’ll say what she likes on us. She’ll be like, ‘Ashley, I like when your hair is big.’ She’ll say what she likes and we do have room to play and change. But, for the most part, we try to stick to it because they want us to look the same. Like her, she doesn’t change her hair too much.

When she cut her hair, there was a lot of commotion from fans and media. What were you all saying about it as members of her team?
It was a big deal. I asked her, “What made you cut it?” and she said she wanted to feel like a woman and feel beautiful without it being her hair that makes it feel that way. So, she chopped her hair off.

Being on her team, are there any talks about a Grammy performance, maybe?
[Laughs] I know something, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to say. If you are looking for her, I’d say watch the Grammys, for sure.

Ashley is by far the most memorable of Beyonce’s backup dancers for sure and she’s been stacking her paper on the low for years now by also performing with other artists. Clap for her.

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