Truth Hurts: 10 Artists Who Will Probably Never Win A Grammy

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Most recording artists dream of winning a Grammy while others could care less about music’s most prestigious award. Either way, it’s an undeniable status symbol that takes an artists’ career to a different level.

Here are ten artists who will probably never win a Grammy. Take a look.

Gucci Mane

Big Guwop is a beloved street legend but there’s no way a rapper with an ice cream cone scribbled on his face is winning a Grammy.

Trinidad James

He has a few more teeth (7) than hits (1) during a career that seems more and more like a complete fluke by the day.

Chief Keef

Between the mouth-full-of-marbles raps, “bang bangs” and hatred for soap/warm water, we doubt the mop-headed filthbucket will ever win a music-related Award.


We’re not sure if he’s ever getting out of jail but, if he does, he’ll continue making music for hoodrats to fight in Walmart parking lots to.


They don’t care about making “quality music” or speaking english. They just wanna make you shake your real or imaginary dreads in the club.

Rick Ross

Rawse has never won a Grammy, gone platinum or worn a bra and we doubt any of these things will happen before it’s over.

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    French Montana

    He was supposed to bring NY Hip-Hop back but always seemed off. And by off, we mean special. Short bus special.

    Soulja Boy

    The once popular struggle rapper received a Grammy nod for “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” and has been the rap roach who just won’t die ever since.


    And the Grammy goes to…”GUNPLAY!” Nah, that will never happen.

    Erica Mena

    Beautiful? Absolutely. Talented enough to sell more than 1,000 albums? HELL NO.

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