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Posted by Bossip Staff

MySpace pages of the Sean Taylor murder suspects may be used in their prosecution. MySpace is starting to be reporters and companies “go to” spot for information on young people. A detective in Miami commented on the MySpace page of suspect Jason Mitchell:

These pages “are part of the street culture, bragging about money, drugs, guns…a lot of the kids want to portray a gangster lifestyle and they want to portray this on their MySpace”.

Myspace is fast becoming the best spot to “snitch” on yourself. Your boss is probably looking at your sh*t right now.

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  • Soul Cry

    Hope the fry…dumbass.

  • kai

    LOL I bet thats all the money they have to their name and its probably the same money they are using for each picture. Clowns!

  • Sherry

    They all look like some crazy fools.. I hope they all get life..

  • FL Gurl

    Why the hell is that fool laying on the bed, posing with that money, like he’s doing a Playboy spread? smh

    DUMB. ASS.

    lmao @ this using the same money in each picture.

  • LezBeyon-ce

    that is why you put your page to private! people were sending me messages right and left trying to be my friend and I didn’t even know them. Nasty mens out there… leave a girl alone!

  • Ms. Lovely


    He should be locked up just for that.

    Ms. Lovely

  • helltothanaw

    SMH..They ended a life and now their lives are about to be over…. and for what??? I wish people would stop glorifyin’ that brings nothin’ but drama and in most cases heartache and pain in the end..

  • Bahama Mama

    Myspace is fast becoming the best spot to “snitch” on yourself. Your boss is probably looking at your sh*t right now.

    ^^^LMAO, that means I should take them nekid pics down huh?

  • cake lady


  • AND...

    Snitchin’ on yourself is an understatment. All these dumb asses have to do is make the page private. DUHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  • Shawn08


  • Bahama Mama

    Traycee don’t tell nobody bout them pics okay! LMAO

  • Crymeboss

    People wanna Ban the N word but it describes some people so perfectly ,without further explanation. Like if the caption read ” Look at these Dumb Niggers” I wouldn’t be mad, not at all.


  • Traycee

    Why dude look like a roach burnt to a got dayum crisp?! Or better yet…yuck mouth! Buckwheat, OTAY!

    That light skinned dude looks as fruity as all get out! RIP…you’re right, they are gonna have some fun tossing his ass in jail! I hope they give his ass a 2nd hole!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Ya know, I was driving to work this morning thinking about the Sean Taylor tragedy and thinking how much I can’t stand thugs or the lifestyle they promote. It only leads to violence and destruction and way too many innocent people get caught in the crosshairs!!

  • Bahama Mama


    DAMN, can’t get NO LOVE

  • Traycee

    Bmama……..I’ll never tell! LOL

  • Traycee

    Actually…..shouldn’t it be “MUTHAFUKIN NIQQAS”? I know they make their parents so proud!

    Did ya’ll see one of their mother’s on the news talking? Had the nerve to say that she knows for a fact her son wasn’t involved because he was at home, in bed, SLEEP when the murder happened. Hmmmmm, who woulda thought that momma would come to her son’s rescue? Not sure which mother it was….but I think it was Flava Flav’s baby momma.

  • kdogg

    Of course they are “NOT” emulating what they saw on TV in one of our movies or video’s. It’s natural for boys to lay on their beds and pose for pics that way.

  • Say What?

    Those are some BUTT UGHLY mofo’s.

    This is a very tragic story. Unfortunately, instead of getting a JOB mofo’s like this would rather rob a bank or break into somebody’s house. SMH

  • Chynaboo

    Glad they ass got caught….let’s see how gangsta they feel when they drop the soap

  • John

    These young fools are not only ugly but also dumber than a head of lettece. You don’t rob people and then post that mess on the internet dummys!!! The POLICE HAVE COMPUTERS TOO!! A bunch of lame idiots!!


    @Bahama Mama

    whats up Ma? Let me get you myspace page I need a little T & A in my life LOL just playin Ma

  • Mary J Blige

    these Bama lookin kneegrows disgust the hell outta me. they are the epitome of ghetto hood rats. lock they dumb asses up. it sickens me how corrupt some of the youth of today have become. looking into that kids eyes is like staring rite into the face of the devil


  • Bahama Mama

    Tracyee, I know u got my back!!

    LOL @ M-daddy!! sorry there r no nekid pics…lmao

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