A Lil Positivity: Struggling Detroit Father Of 4 Who Donated Blood To Feed Family & Gathered Wood To Heat Home Has Utility Bill Paid By Stranger

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This is awesome

Stranger Pays Utility Bill For Struggling Detroit Father Of Four

A humble and dedicated Detroit father of 4 struggling to make ends meet for his kids in the face of unemployment recently received a much-deserved blessing from a stranger who stepped in to lend a helping hand.

via MyFox Detroit

He once found work as a butcher and a commercial roofer, but now he walks the streets of Detroit’s east side trying to help his loved ones survive. Don, 53, strips wood from abandoned houses and brings it home to provide the only source of light and heat that he can afford – fire.

“The same fire that keeps us warm, feeds us,” says Don. They heat water in buckets to clean the pots and pans, and themselves, too.

Don lost his job and now donates plasma twice a week.  “It’s honest money, it’s fair and it helps,” he says. He says he’s desperate to find work, but feels like he’s already working again.

“It takes like a half a day to find the wood, bring it home, and it takes another half a day to, initially, cut the wood up and then create a fire,” he tells Fox 2’s Andrea Isom.

The youngest child is 10 years old. Don says his kids are doing very well in school and have been resilient despite how they’re living right now.

UPDATE: An anonymous donor has offered to pay the utility bills for the family. The heat and lights will soon be restored at the home.

Hats off to this father for doing all that he can in the face of nearly impossible times to support his family. A well deserved blessing!

You can check out the video of this heartwarming story HERE.

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