Trump to RiRi – “You’re a Loser!!” & Past Fights Revealed

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Damn. Even that ugly old sea-urchin son-of-a-beatch wants to weigh in on the Chrihanna scandal. Dig his wack commentary and more info about past brawls between Ike & Tina 2.0:

Donald Trump is once again speaking his mind — this time about the Chris Brown and Rihanna debacle.

The Donald recently lashed out at Rihanna, telling Inside Edition he would have “fired” the “Umbrella” singer for going back to Brown.

“She better get the hell out,” he says. “If she goes back, she’s a loser and she doesn’t deserve to have any future success.”

Trump is of course referring to the now infamous “alleged” Feb. 8 fight between Chris and Rihanna, which left her with a battered face. Something tells us Brown will never be appearing on Trump’s show, Celebrity Apprentice.

Not that we agree with her choice to reconcile with Breezy, but that dried up sucka could’ve used a tad more tact in his execution. Idiot.

Peep what RiRi told 5-0 about recent fights:

Rihanna told cops about two fights with Chris Brown that preceded her alleged one in a rented Lamborghini last month. Contrary to some reports, neither episode involved a pounding of the pop princess or injuries, a source close to the situation said.

“The first incident was in Europe about three months ago,” the source said, citing Rihanna’s official statements to cops. “It was a verbal dispute. She slapped him, he responded. He shoved her. There were no witnesses and no injuries.” The second incident, said the source, was in Barbados. “It was a fight over a Range Rover,” the source said. “She says he broke the window. Nobody was injured and it was not reported.”

Reports that Brown had “beaten” the stunning songbird in the past are “absolutely inaccurate,” the source said.Brown, 19, was charged with felony assault Thursday and is due for arraignment April 6.The tempestuous couple, meanwhile, has reunited romantically, multiple sources said. “He’s with her, they’re together. They’re not just seeing each other (platonically),” a source said Monday.

An on-again romance could spell trouble for prosecutors, who would have to base their case on other evidence including photos, prior statements and witness accounts.

One wildcard could be the crucial 911 call that led cops to Rihanna, 21.

The caller told cops he could not identify either party, a source with knowledge of the police report said, and that he heard a female screaming but not screaming for help.

“He stated that the odd thing about the incident was how she was screaming out of control and how he appeared to be extremely calm,” the source said. “And when he exited (the vehicle), it was with a calm demeanor.”

Pump them brakes. Are they trying to imply that Breezy’s on some sociopathic sh*t?? We think we’ve had just enough of these two kids already – SMH.


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  • Tiffany2722

    Ok he need to sit down with that MOP on his head!

  • Angelyc_Aries

    It’s true.


    Where do they get these pics from? LOL!

  • High Life (1 up Perfect Imperfections)

    Trump you are a loser because you have all that money and your hair looks like it does.

  • JD

    He has a point….blunt, but he has one. Oh, and FIRST snitches!

  • jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)

    This coming from Mr Comb Over himself

  • Angelyc_Aries

    He may have had a way to say it in a better light, but the fact still stands. Chris Brown beat her bad, and for the fact that people still have her back or idolize her, is wrong. Little girls look up to her, and the fact that her friends were all cool with it says a lot. But he is right, she is a loser for going back to a guy who not only beat her up, but was abusive to her. She may have initiated the fight, but he is still a dude, a big one at that, and shouldn’t have done what he did. The fact is that they’r both losers.

  • Angelyc_Aries


  • bre


  • malibu barbie

    WHO CARES what he says… all i wanna say is TOP 10…… yahhhhhh… me!!! NEXT>>>>

  • Stlthicchicc

    OMG can we let this go.. Its her life and if she wants him back… What can we do abt it… Absolutely nothing….

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    Damn! Donald Trump looks like he would beat yo-ass in that pic!LOL!

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    And maybe Trump is a loser for cheating on and dumping all those ex-wives he has…how’s that for a judgment call?

  • Angelyc_Aries

    He may be a loser for cheating on them, but at least he didn’t beat them.

  • nick

    trump is worth several billion dollars and u dumbasses workin for a cheap gossip website r gonna call him an idiot? hahaha

  • Mrs. Rance

    Tact? When the heck has The Donald ever had tact? You know if he speaks on any topic it is going to be harsh. He is a stone cold New Yorker, born, bred, and never to have lived elsewhere. They don’t sugar coat.

  • neicey

    How can the pot call the kettle black. He without sin let him cast the first stone. All have sinned and come short the mark. This man has cheated and divorced two wives and God knows how many women has he cheated on. That is mental abuse in the highest form. He is not not spotless without some sort opf fault. Let a person examine their own life and see what they have done in their past. No one is perfect and we have done something that we are ashame of. We recognized our fault and made them right. Let’s try to get these two people professional help because that is waht they need instead of name calling and fault findings. Can we say “HELP” for these two young people. That is what they are so dire in need of. This one for Oprah Winfrey can she reach out and say to these two young people I want to get involve and get help for both of you because that is obvious what you both need. Two young people so in need of guidence and help. Let’s reach out with help and guidence not name calling, false information, and ridiculing.
    I pray for them both and I am sixty-five years old.

  • TheTruth

    hottest new blog….. WOW

  • She 4 real


  • ___


  • Angee

    Personally, I would not go back to a relationship that was violent. If we are at a point in the relationship where one or both of us are having fits of jealousy and rage, and we are hitting each other, that relationship is over.

  • The Bear - "Someone will have to pay for the innocent blood that is shed everyday"

    People who perpetuate that double standard that that its ok for a woman to hit a man but a man should never hit a woman irk me. Just yesterday a Tampa NFL player was stabbed in the head and neck by his girlfriend during an arguement. Is he just supposed to take that because he’s a man???!!!

    You people are sickening… women need to keep their hands to themselves just like men need to.


    Wow! The Donald thinks she is a loser. Sad! LMBO!

  • Resurrected

    I am so tried of people trying to pressure her to do things the way that they want it to be done. She is grown and last time I understand this fact GOD give everyone the right to have freedom of choice, what ever happen she will still be the only one that has to live with it. Right now I see a place called Hollywood that give you the image of richest and fame but at what price the freedom of choice. What these says to me is that if and when I get in the position to have more than less because of my talents and ability make sure that I start and build my dreams by my own terms because when you give people a little power they think they can take a lot.

    As far a Donald T. people never really see there true action and the way that it affects the other people around them. Being rich does not exclude you from your sin and your money has no power or authority in this area this is about spiritual principle and it is never wrong in the end.

  • M. DOT

    Donald is right. Rihanna has so much more to lose than gain if she stays with Chris. Endorsement deals, respect from her fans, future record sales, etc. I don’t know her heart, or REALLY what’s going on behind closed doors, but we’re on the outside looking in and from my end, she’s is a loser in this game. Sorry.

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