Revealed: Breezy’s Manager Tina Davis is Mystery Text Woman

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Damn, Tina…

TMZ knows who triggered the fight that left Rihanna battered and bruised and Chris Brown an accused felon — it’s Brown’s manager.

Sources tell us the woman who left the three-page text message on Brown’s cell phone is Tina Davis. Davis — who turns 40 this month — was rumored to have had a relationship with Brown when he was 16. Brown and Davis have denied it.

Law enforcement tells us the text message to Brown talked about hooking up later — and it totally pissed off Rihanna. She slapped and hit him and he then brutally fired back.

The detective’s affidavit refers to the text message as being “from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with.”

Davis could not be reached for comment.

We don’t even know what to say about this twisted sh*t. This adds a whooooole new piece to the puzzle, y’all.


Woah – now Breezy is calling out Usher and crew for clowning him the other day:

Usher may have retracted his recent statement slamming Chris Brown, but we hear he may have been forced to do so.

“Have a little bit of remorse, man. The man’s on Jet Skis? Like, just relaxing in Miami?” Usher (r.) questioned indignantly after seeing photos of Brown cavorting in Florida following Brown’s alleged battering of Rihanna. But just days later, the R&B star took back his statements, which he made in a video for Jermaine Dupri’s “Living the Life” series.

“Usher was basically forced to issue a retraction,” an insider tells us. “After all of his comments came out, Usher got a call from Chris, who said ‘I’m going to see you b—es’ — meaning ‘I will eventually see you out, and this is going to be a problem.’”

But Brown’s beef wasn’t just with Usher. “Chris (r.) got tough with everyone present in that video,” our source says. “He wanted silence from all parties involved.”

Brown’s rep called the story “completely untrue,” while Usher’s flack said, “He was not asked or forced [to apologize]. Usher issued an apology for the comments made towards all parties mentioned in the clip.”

Indeed, Usher told the media: “The comments made during a recent recording session amongst friends were taken out of context and blown out of proportion. I apologize on behalf of myself and my friends, if anyone was offended. The intentions were not to pass judgment, and we meant no harm. I respect and wish the best for all parties involved.”

His regrets were even personally extended to Brown. Says our insider: “To Chris, he was like ‘My bad. We were just clowning around and it went a little too far.’”

Perhaps Brown’s luck is changing. Not only did Usher make nice, but victimized lady love Rihanna may not testify against him, and Ciara — who has recorded a song with the singer — has decided not to cut her ties.

“There was a rumor that Ciara had decided not to work with Chris because of the Rihanna drama,” a music insider says. “But the song [“Turntables”] is recorded and is supposedly on her upcoming CD. [Manager] Mark Pitts signed both of them, and he doesn’t think anything would be weird with them releasing the song together.”

Real Translation: Although this nicca is dead wrong, Chris probably knows a little “dirt” about all these guys. Wouldn’t that be the day when everyone starts turning on each other and all b*tchassness, loose booties, cheating @ss negros and pedophiles are revealed.

Wait, what? That’s what Bossip’s for, you say? Oh yeah…


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