Michael Vick’s Custom Built House Up for Grabs

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Michael Vick had a custom built eight bedroom house in Georgia that’s up for grabs:

On a peaceful cul-de-sac in Atlanta‘s prosperous northern suburbs, a behemoth of a home sits empty and lifeless at 2927 Darlington Run. Four towering columns greet those who enter through a double set of thick, wooden doors….… Out back, an idyllic lake laps at the edge of the yard. Within the walls, all the telltale signs of wealth and luxury — a pool room, a movie theater, an indoor golf range, assorted-sized statues of black panthers throughout. This was Michael Vick’s abode, a stucco-and-gated-community testament to his amazing rise from the rough streets of Virginia to NFL superstar. But Vick’s spectacular career was sacked by a dogfighting scandal. While he sits behind bars, serving out the remainder of a nearly two-year sentence, his three-storied former house — now eerily quiet — is about to go on the auction block. The proceeds from Tuesday’s sale, which requires a minimum bid of $3.2 million, will help pay down the quarterback’s gargantuan debts. That’s the cold, hard business of bankruptcy.

It is painfully obvious  that Vick’s name is being run through the ringer. The system is still taking from him and holding him in a cell.

All of this bullsh*t for dog fighting, 3-4 yrs ago? SMMFH


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    and 10th

  • briasparkle

    and WHAT THA HELL!

  • memchee

    Vick’s getting every bit of what he deserves!

    Dogs are not as important as humans, but they don’t deserve to be bred just to be put thru a touture mill/fight camp and then painfully executed for reasons that still do not make sense.

  • Oh yeah


    You need to shut up because you sound ridiculous it has nothing to do with making an example out of a black man it is the fact that those animals were tortured and abused, people want to always play the race card get over that shit. He was wrong for what he did and he deserves everything he gets.


    For the rest of his life, every time he sees a dog, this dude is gonna get heated.

  • Huh?

    He should have killed a person then he would have gotten off.

  • Shawn08

    I agree with Twinz. They tell us not hurt dogs. But you can hunt duck, deer, bear, etc. as long as your in a hunting zone? You can shoot and kill all sorts of animals, but dogs are off limits? You can make fur coats, alligator & snake shoes & bags, etc. to look good, but if you are somehow associated with hurting dogs, you go to jail? Whose law is this??? Surely not the black man’s law.

    I’m not saying the man is innocent. I am just saying the time to me doesn’t fit the crime.

  • Chloe

    Michael Vick Took a public lynching. Killing dogs for sport is wrong but so is deer hunting. Deers are docile creatures who are harmless and yet they are killed for entertainment. Pit bulls are vicious animals and trained to attack.

    Michael Vicks sentence was too long in my opinion. He should of received a maximum of 6 months for his participation in the dog fights.

    I think that the racist people in america made Michael Vick a target for their hatred. I seen and heard a lot of racist comments regarding this man, and his wrongdoings. So I don’t want to hear about black people playing the race card. You can’t hide racism when it is obvious.

    I gurantee you if the whole hood started deer hunting it would be a public outcry to cease these senseless killings, but since it is entertainment for mostly white males it is ok.

  • Phenomenally Dee (Some folks are overly sensitive!)

    I got 5 on it (the house)! (500 hundred that is…) LOL!

  • http://bossip.com MERQ
  • star

    I love this house! If I had a couple milli to spare it would be mine!
    p.s. I still LOVE you MIke!

  • http://www.bossip.com gee

    the next time when u have pets don’t fight them at all go back to the nfl or get prove from congress in dc or call roger goodell whats going on i tell whats going on u got to know that for your self who u r in side the outside don’t count u know michael vick
    most of your friends don’t know soon i get my 23 championships checks sign i going to be the 1st youngest black person that owns me something in the nfl and build lots of stuff but its not good to kill animals at all but people gun down animal everyday yeah think michael vick u a good football player
    lots of the nfl teams would pick u up if u get your mind right and the right path nice home but its gone your friends not your friends get u some new friends to hang out with

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