Break Ups: Did Phaedra Parks Kick Ain’t Isht Apollo To The Curb After Discovering His Mistress And Fraud Arrest?!

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Did Phaedra break up with Apollo after discovering he had a sidechick and was a con-man?!

Phaedra Parks Allegedly Separated From Apollo Theft

Via Reality Tea reports:

With the shocking arrest of Apollo Nida for embezzlement, bank fraud, conspiracy, and identity theft, we’re gasping for breath! Many are wondering if Phaedra Parks is involved, how much she knew, will the couple stay married, or will Phaedra be charged next? And of course there are as many rumors surrounding Phaedra and Apollo’s situation as there are charges.

Rumor One: Apollo and Phaedra have been separated for months.

Way back in September, Apollo’s car was searched and his laptop seized by the feds. A few weeks after learning of his criminal activity, Phaedra reportedly kicked Apollo out of the house and limited their interaction to media appearances and co-parenting for the sake of their joint endeavors such as Phine Body.

Interesting, considering the two attended Kandi Burruss’ New Years Eve party together and have been spotted numerous times at various events, such as the recent inauguration of the Atlanta mayor and a trip to NYC to see Kandi in Newsicals. Phaedra also posted a photo celebrating her birthday with Apollo. But as many have pointed out there are no photos of the couple at home in the last few months!

Phae talked about moving her life in a more positive direction at the top of the year in her Bravo blog…

Via Bravo Blog:

Happy New Year! Last year was awesome and I know 2014 will be even more spectacular. As always, my life has been moving at meteorite speed. Between my family, work, and social commitments, the little free time I have is devoted to some much needed sleep. Every New Year, many of us reflect and resolve to do better and more than the prior year. In 2014, I aspire to be a better mother, wife, friend, and servant to my community.

Now that I have finally finished mortuary school, I have been touring my book and meeting many loyal supporters. Having the opportunity to personally speak with supporters has been incredibly rewarding. With each story and introduction my life is enriched.

We wouldn’t be surprised if fake Phaedra really has been living a lie and only kept the marriage for the sake of her position on RHOA. Hit the flip to peep more about Apollo’s alleged mistress and his dirty dog ways next!

Via Reality Tea reports:

Rumor Two: Apollo has a well-established mistress and Phaedra found out!

I think we’ve all questioned Apollo’s fidelity (see: Kenya, sext-gate), but Sandra Rose is theorizing that Phaedra learned of Apollo’s long-term mistress and may have ratted him out to the feds ala Blue Jasmine!

“But wait until you see the young breezy that Apollo was taking afternoon naps with while Phaedra was at home caring for his chirren. I wouldn’t be surprised if Phaedra herself tipped the feds off to get him thrown back in prison to get back at this young girl. And, that’s not all: Bravo’s producers want her to come on the show to tell her side of the story — his jump off, that is.”

WHOA! Kandi said Phaedra is “ride or die” for her man, but could we see her getting fed up with this scandalous behavior and tipping off the feds?

TamraTattles states that after Apollo was charged this weekend Phaedra officially “changed the locks” and he was spotted “hitting a Waffle House at 2:15 am after ‘hitting it hard’ at ‘the gym.’”

The site also claims Apollo indicated during an episode of RHOA that he and Phaedra are separated.

“I watched the episode this season where Phaedra and Apollo are having that god-awful dinner at Red Lobster or something. He hands her a piece of mail and said ‘this came to the old house…’ Old house? If it’s old, forward your mail, right? It was a letter to appear for Kenya and Conya’s bitter landlord-tenant dispute.”

Another interesting discovery TamaraTattles made was that the home Phaedra and Apollo purchased and renovated (seen on the show) is soley in Phaedra’s name! The home is in a ritzy neighborhood known for its great schools – and happens to be the same neighborhood where Chateau Sheree sits idly and incomplete!

Looks like there is more to this story then we thought!

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