Behind the Scenes With the New “Couple”…?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

As we reported earlier, not only is LisaRaye allegedly pushing up on the slick headed crooner, but the former First Lady of T & C is the official leading lady in Ginuwine‘s new video. Pop it for more video shoot pictures and some exclusive behind the scenes footage of the video, as well as Chrisette Michelle in concert

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  • Re is gearing up for Gambit in May...

    Elgin Lumpkin! That’s right Ginuwine, I’m calling out your name!

  • Re is gearing up for Gambit in May...

    Elgin and Lisa, do ya’ll really read those books on the shelf behind you?

  • Carmellatte27


  • Swag-a-licious

    I will ride that pony…till all four legs break!!

    I love me some Ginuwine!! The same ole G!!

  • Swag-a-licious

    LMAO @Re calling out his gov’ment name!!

  • Tina

    Dont forget about Sole Gin

  • Carmellatte27

    I don’t think they are messing around, the guy is married??? Well who knows marriage don’t stop people from get there rocks knocked off anymore! Now and days these wives are accepting there man’s jumpoffs! A Damn shame!

  • Re is gearing up for Gambit in May...



  • statim08

    A couple of has beens. Slow gossip day, huh?


    What does ‘fag hag’ mean?

  • Ermy Erm (*yawn*)

    I dont like Chrissette’s doo.

  • Kakey

    LMAO @ the comments y’all wildin 2day. lol

  • Luv-Lee

    @ Swag-a-licious
    I will ride that pony…till all four legs break!!
    I love me some Ginuwine!! The same ole G!!
    Eww!!! LOL!!! Did he get a nose job?? I remember his nose looking ALOT bigger than that!! Then again I bet he got some skillzzzzzzz!!!!!!

  • chaka1

    DAMN HIM. I would let Ginuwine get it all damn day long…

  • trust

    i loooove ginuwine sick of seeing the lame ole chris brown usher dramas love me some fine ginuwine

  • tyler

    wow–im so excited ginuwines comin back—sick of dream songs all sound the same –ya he older but who cares — the song is hottt–if theis is my last chance reminds me of some male version of mary j blige anywho im a big ginuwine fan and im excited

  • fb

    married or not imma go after that lisa raye but g still doin his thaaang–yea g

  • woolnat

    this gonna be hott i dont hear autotune anywhere –you think one of these singers could be like this dude and actually use their own dam voice to sing???? really support the crooners man

  • rosa

    damn G i didnt know you was makin a comeback–i guess imma have another baby listening to that cd

  • miss gee

    genuwine has been recording his whole album in st louis because i think he got family here–i heard some songs thru the radio station as promo–its great 100.3 the beat

  • 6 Figgas

    Raye got that forehead ready for target practice…

  • misses

    I think theyre cute together! his baby mama picked up HELLA weight…LADIES! When u pop out babies, dont forget you gotta KEEP ya man around too!

  • rosario

    they look amazing!!!! muah ginuwine!

  • nypostsucks

    I heard they been gettin at it since the summertime. Sole is a chuch God fearing laady and she is bout tired of his lame broke azz. So let da hoe have him They’ll be a burnin in the other place and she will be in paradise! Amen

  • alchemist

    I aint mad @ ya G!!

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