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This isn’t very Christian-like behavior

Rape Victim At Hanover College Accused To Harrassing Attacker

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A female student at Hanover College in Indiana is accusing the school of retaliating against her for reporting that she was raped, harassed and physically abused by a former boyfriend.

In response to a complaint filed by the female student, named Samantha, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights informed the small Christian College last week that it is under investigation. Samantha, who requested The Huffington Post only identify her by her first name, claims she faced possible expulsion for reporting sexual assault and harassment.

Over a two-year period, Hanover instructed Samantha to take her case to the police and even attempted to prevent her from living on campus, according to correspondence between Hanover and the student. Samantha says the school also failed to stop the former boyfriend and his new girlfriend from harassing her. Under the federal gender equity law Title IX, colleges are obligated to prevent and intervene to stop harassment that has been brought to their attention.

The OCR initially worked with Samantha, her attorney and the college to reach a mediation agreement in the summer of 2013, allowing for Samantha to file a harassment complaint against her alleged assailant and his girlfriend. But the college then decided in November 2013 that the former boyfriend and his girlfriend were not responsible for harassment, and allowed them to file their own harassment complaint against Samantha.

Here’s how it all went down…

Samantha said she was told with roughly a day’s notice she had to move out of her dorm room right before a week-long fall break began in October 2011. The notice came shortly after she complained about a dispute with her roommate. The school informed her it had made the decision to move her and forced her to surrender her dorm keys, disallowing her from entering the dorm building until the fall break ended but neglecting to make alternative arrangements for her, according to the complaint. She arranged to stay with a former on-and-off boyfriend in his fraternity house, where one night, she said, he sexually assaulted her after he had been drinking heavily.

Once she felt comfortable, Samantha reached out to the college to report the assault, roughly a month later. She requested to make the report to a female officer, but she says that while she was waiting, a male security officer pressured her into reporting it to him. He then told her she could not leave the room until she signed a statement agreeing not to press criminal charges, according to Samantha.

The college held a judicial hearing on the alleged assault before the end of the term in December 2011 and found the former boyfriend not responsible. In a fall 2013 review of the case, the college would declare that campus security followed protocol and the officer was simply “anxious to help” Samantha.

In the two years between, the former boyfriend, his new girlfriend and their acquaintances harassed Samantha, and the college did next to nothing to stop it, according to the complaint, which was reviewed by HuffPost. At times, Samantha landed in the same classes as the former boyfriend, and continually ran into him on the small campus, where roughly 1,100 students are enrolled.

Can you imagine having to sit in a 2-hour class with the man who sexually assaulted you, to then be told to stop “harrassing” HIM???

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