SMH: Buccaneers Linebacker Stabbed in The Dome

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Posted by Bossip Staff

And here’s another case of domestic violence for your perusal:

Authorities say the girlfriend of Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Geno Hayes stabbed him in the head and in the neck.

A Hillsborough County Sheriff’s spokeswoman says Hayes was taken to a hospital by a friend Saturday. The 21-year-old former Florida State player was treated and later released.

Deputies arrested 19-year-old Shevelle Bagley on Saturday afternoon. The sheriff’s spokeswoman says Hayes and Bagley got into an argument, which led to Bagley grabbing a pair of scissors and stabbing Hayes in the head. He managed to get the scissors away from her, but authorities say she then grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the neck.

Bagley was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Jail records show she was released Sunday on $25,000 bail.

Damn. That crazy heffa was determined to cut that cat. Sounds like she used his big ole muscle head and neck like a freakin pin cushion or some sh*t. Poor fella.


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  • NY2CaliLVN

    that is jst silly

  • me

    Why don’t I see any ladies talking about “she should go to Jail” or that other stuff you say about the Chris Brown situation? Where is all the standing up for Domestic Violence? I guess when the woman is doing the beating that’s different. Some of you ladies are such hypocrites. Where are the 1,000 comments at?

  • NY2CaliLVN

    she keep it gutta

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    WTF!!! Aggravated Battery??? More like Attempted murder!! I mean who really thinks of stabbing someone in the head? You usually think torso………..that b!tch should have her hands cut off…………..

  • NY2CaliLVN

    I agree how eva y was dude bein the punk a$$ and going to the hospital he coulda jst slapped sme tussin on it and went 2 sleep LOL she’ll thnk he playin dead

  • Southerner

    Damn shame…

  • Loch Ness Monster

    Hell hath no fury like…

  • Man, I just don't care

    SMH…. This is what happens when you “restrain” as oppossed to going “C. Breezy” on ’em.

  • NY2CaliLVN

    @ Colonel
    LMFAO …. this aint India & China we dont cut off hands n the Great USA

  • Ermy Erm (*yawn*)

    This is what happens when you “restrain” as oppossed to going “C. Breezy” on ‘em.

  • WTF


  • Lady Architect

    Smh what an idiot. In all honesty she should be charged with attempted murder for stabbing him. She was aiming at the head in neck. Not like she stabbed him in the leg or arm. All of that instead of just leaving him for cheating. Now you about to serve time and still not have your man. The Jump-off will now be moving in. Stupid woman.

  • bg

    Better yet the Lex Luger “Torture Rack”

  • Mrs. Philly

    How do we know this was a black girl? Cause her name is Shevelle??

  • jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)

    the ignorant nucca’s first day of non-comprehension

    Colonel wheere can I get season tickets for the front row?

    A2 Lauren

    THey posted her picture on Media

  • bk

    OMG! I went to college with this guy!

  • 1morepleez

    whoa…aggravated battery? that’s it???

    Lawd knows a man can’t defend himself in this country
    …worst part is they know it too.

    Breezy under heat for fightin back, this dude in the hospital for not fightin back. and why do niccas have a rep for running away???

  • jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)

    Hell naw to everyone saying he still should not have hit her. For that, you trying to take my life over a jumpoff, oh I aam going to beat the brakes off you man or woman. And I better get the same charges as you to begin with.


    now now children..lets keep our hands and other instruments to ourselves….

  • SexxILove

    I agree there is a double standard here. In this country it says INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY but its really GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT!!!! Everyone is so quick to judge the Chris brown situation and talk about him like a dog and condemn him to hell but u didnt see a lot of posts condemning this chick. A wrong is a wrong. Instead of deadly assault it should be attempted murder due to the fact she went for the neck & head area. People should learn to shut their mouths and hold their judgements until all the dust settles and once Everything is out then say your peace.

  • Dude

    Dat trick wouldn’t see 20 if I had anything to do with it!

  • jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)


    Dat trick wouldn’t see 20 if I had anything to do with it!

    Hell She wouldn’t see 19 1/2

  • Dude

    @ jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)


    Dat trick wouldn’t see 20 if I had anything to do with it!

    Hell She wouldn’t see 19 1/2

    I hear dat…!

    What’s sad is if he would have killed her in self defence no one would have believed him because, 1. He’s a man, 2. He’s a football player, 3. Because of OJ.


  • Dude

    The judge must have it in for him to give her such a low bail or he/she just don’t give a flyin f#ck!

  • WHOA


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