CD Review: J. Holiday “Round 2”

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Posted by Bossip Staff

J Holiday’s “Round 2” hits stores today and HipHopWired’s EIC, Michael “Ice Blue” Harris, has personally reviewed the album just for you.

Before you pop the hood, J. Holiday wants to give you ladies a virtual serenade, so vote for your favorite song just below.

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Chocolate City’s crooning falsetto J. Holiday is back in the mix and offering up his latest sexual seductions. After enticing women with his 2007 debut Back Of My Lac,’ the D.C. balladeer makes a triumphant return, proving that he’s a legitimate contender in the R&B arena with Round 2 and has the potential to one day be champion.

On the Jasper & Reese-produced “It’s Yours,” J. Holiday gives his heart and goes deeper with commitment and showing his initial hit single “Bed” was no fluke. Pleading his soul out with the knee dropping chorus, “Hold my heart, don’t break it…,” Holiday is ready to overdose on his new love addiction.

The mid-tempo “Fall” will find you two-stepping with that summer time fling who swept in and stole your swagger. Bringing romance back into R&B, J covers the art of seduction quite well with “Forever Ain’t Enough,” which is sure to be the backdrop for future weddings. The climatic “Make That Sound” will find its way into your iPod slow jams rotation as well.

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  • Toy23

    I don’t want to hear him sing anything. Word is he likes to beat up women, then cry his eyes out with thearful apologies. There is more than 1 Chris brown going around. yall just don’t know about it.

  • Toy23


    tearful apologies

  • cmoore

    he’s cute and has pretty good vocal skills but the womanbeater steez is not working for me. sorry j…i will pass on your singing.

  • love

    top 5

  • Melyssa

    J is cool..his lady friend lives in my apts. and she always looks happy…I dont understand why people believe everything they hear..his first single is a banger and I will definately buy the cd..

  • nina_bae

    omg i downloaded his album an i haven’t stopped listinin 2 it. it will def. get u in the mood, especially Make That Sound. anotha fav was Your Holiday.

  • P

    i’m tired of little boys trying to sing about love

    especially ones whos voices haven’t even dropped yet

  • Breezy has superhuman strength thats all

    Talks Tears and beatin’s

  • love

    far from attractive.ilk

  • ysr

    can you put an option for him not to sing?

  • Brook Lynn Choclate Godess (Exhausted)

    Why oh why God did u make this man so Fione!!! lol

  • what happened to my name?

    i loved his first cd. it was one of the best albums of 2007. i have just one question…did he get his teeth fixed?

  • Frog-a-licious

    His album is HOT. I liked his 1st album but this one is so much better! I love him.

  • what happened to my name? is not a butt f*cker. he’s a pure man. he likes to eat the box and f*ck the box. fagg*t stand down! call john legend. he’ll give you some azz.

  • JHolidayFreak

    Y’all some real haters on this board calling J a ‘woman beater’. Who has he hit? I will cop that CD because his voice is velvety smooth. And to the gay dudes, J likes that kitty-kat. Please believe!

  • K-Kay

    I love his music. I just purchased the cd off of iTunes and I’m enjoying what I’m hearing. What does looks has to do with the quality of music he’s making. As long as J is making music and that’s good quality music, then I’m going to be a fan.

  • http://myspace Lakia Shavon Lightner

    J. holiday you are a great singer. Yes J. Holiday you are the king of R&B. I purchased your CD yesterday and it’s on fire. I pray you received many awards for all your hard work! Many Blessings J. Holiday!

  • candylicker

    J can get it.

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