Britney Spears Flaps Her Potty Mouth Live on Stage

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Yuck. Dig the interrupted pop star talking about her costume riding up her coochie when you

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  • Christilicious


  • Christilicious


  • Yo!

    Wait, isn’t her p***y always hangin out??

  • Christilicious


  • tweety

    I don’t know why shes surprise, her p**Y is always out, I thought she likes goin commando

  • Owners of Bossip-and bullshit

    Po little Bri-Bri!

  • love 10…she is funny..stupid..& funny

  • kahmmillion

    I didn’t see anything….

    You can take the girl out the trailer-park, but you can’t take the trailer-park out of the girl.

    She better make K-Fraud’s child support money.

  • Mandah! aka Cranberry Sauce...the vending machine food at the office break room was created by the devil, check the label!

    yeaaaah, all the best stuff happens in florida, the beyaki fall, this.. its awesome lol

  • http://WWW.BOSSIP.COM liL'lADiE

    oh wow tmi

  • lala#1

    Where in the hell do they find these pictures!! too damn funny! Leave Britney alone!!! lol lol

  • Milio


  • Lady J

    Uh Oh…it looks like she skipped a couple of doses of her Bi-Polar medication….

  • wifey06

    does it seemlike black folk websites are really just jocking the white mans website.. what story does not come form perez or T-m-z.

    Black folks would be better off gong to white folks websites and get their news..

  • wifey06

    @ the good good- funnny how these white folks sweat the most non singing chicks in the game-

    miley nor britney can carry a tune to save their lives!!!!

  • cocoa49

    nut case


    lol Im guessing since she lip syncs she forgot the mic was actually on…lol

  • Larry Lunchmeat

    That monkey got so many miles it can’t stay in the cage…just my thoughts

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    You guys are burnt for saying COOCHIE!! My aunt used to pop us in the mouth when we said that…

    : )

  • Tony

    Hey, do you smell somethin?


  • leave-it-be

    {{{{{{{{{{{{ I DIDN’T KNOW WHO THAT WAS!!!! SHE LOOK ABOUT 65!!! WHAT A MEAN MUG@@@@@@

  • ME ME ME

    @ leave-it-be


  • leta354

    Tammie Faye’s first born

  • She 4 real

    she crazee!

  • PhillyBrownBrown

    i actually feel sory for brit brit. she has MENTAL HEALTH issues, 4real. 😦

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