10 Folks Who Were Put On Blast For Their Shady Shenanigans

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Honesty is always the best policy. Keep it 100 and no one will ever be able to expose you as a liar, cheater, or ain’t isht individual. Unfortunately, many public figures forget that what happens in the dark, will most certainly come to light. Here are 10 folks who were put on blast.

50 Cent

50’s baby mama Shaniqua put him on blast for being a deadbeat dad. 50 fired back saying his baby mama was just greedy and wanted more child support.

Geno Smith

A thirsty groupie exposed the Jets baller’s peen print after finding out about his girlfriend.

Jazze Pha

Jazze Pha’s business was put on front street after a picture of him booed up with a pre-op tranny jawn popped up.


Mandeeces’ other baby mama called Yandy out for being an alleged homewrecker.

Lebron James

a NBC associate producer Instagrammed a note saying a married Lebron asked for another woman’s number right in front of her while at the White House.


SWV made a comment about how they don’t act like Kelly Price on TV and Kelly snapped back by saying, “I refuse to jump fool over them.”

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    Chuck Smith

    Mama Joyce put him on blast for lying about Kandi being a “friends with benefits” and Kandi put him on blast for having a small peen.


    Kenya exposed Cynthia’s friend Natalie for lying about being married to R&B singer Christopher Williams.

    Aaron Rodgers

    The Green Bay Packers baller was put on blast for having an alleged gay affair with his personal assistant, which he denied.

    BET Execs

    Stephen Hill and BET execs sent emails saying they did not want a “womanly” B. Scott on the red carpet.

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