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Bossip: Who came up with the name Heroine?

I have been into branding and marketing for years. I decided to come up with a street-wear brand that had a meaning that most people could identify with on street level and something that had a meaning and connection. We are a unisex brand and we have a series of Heroine we put on our shirts that males and females can identify with.

Bossip: Why Black and White Colorway? It’s pretty cool.

We decided to go black and white to start because it goes with anything and those colors seem to be the new palette for this emo generation. They love the dark colors now.

Bossip: Where can we fine your brand?

We are online @
We are doing some exclusive deals with selected boutiques and a few retailers.
However, we are being selective so we dont get put in a certain lane

Bossip: Streetwear is a growing industry new brands are coming out daily. How will you seprate yourself from what everybody else is doing?

We have a cool team of online kids who are passionate about fashion and design. They keep our foundation consistant. We also have aligned ourselves with a few new artist who will be popping up everywhere rocking our gear. So we feel our marketing strategy is what sets us apart.

Bossip: You guys paid Homage to Beyonce throwing up that 3rd ward?

Yeah we love rocking with the Bey-Hive and the shirt was a no brainer her facial expresion is flawless. She is a real Heroine so we had to show love. She’s dope.

Bossip:.The Word Heroine was risky, Why that name?.

Well, Heroine means a couple of different things. So it’s up to you to decide what it means to you Heroine is a Premium Sportswear Brand specializing in fly gear. We selling dope fashion and we are definitely trying to get you hooked.

Bossip:What kind of advice can you give any upcoming designers?

Some advice we extend to any upcoming designers is to work hard and listen to your heart. We also tell them to research everything. Most people will say they want to do something before they do the homework. So, definitely put in the work.  Check us out

Bossip: Heroine also has a Music Brand as well. The “Twerking Like Miley Cyrus” video is awesome.
Yes we have a group we manage and we named them Heroine. The group consist of an 18 year old singer/rap trio who give off Insane energy and are extremely talented. We decided to launch both the group, and brand, at the same time.

Bossip: So music and branding. Very smart move. The industry is all about that now. So you won’t be doing any 360 deals with a label?

It depends on the situation. But one thing for sure is we are thinking ahead and know for a fact we have a great product and music and fashion go hand in hand.

Bossip: The girls remind me of Rihanna and Destiny Child mixed with a little ratchetness?

Those are great compairisons and Heroine as a group is like a Destiny’s Child. In fact Heroine is edgy enough to captivate male and female audience and their generation. They are 18 and most of the female artist now are much older. Thanks to Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna young gilrs of all races can aspire to be HEROINE.

Bossip: What producers are you guys working with?

Some of the producers that we have worked with so far include Rockwilder , Phonix Beats, Big Duke, Sho Nuff & Vgo D’Artiste.




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