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Since you ladies have been such good sports with all the crotch shots…here is a little something to make up for that. Although these pics are from September’s issue of Playgirl, we’re sure you wouldn’t mind viewing CSI: Miami actor Marcus Patrick in his underwear. Enjoy…

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  • camcam781


  • camcam781

    Damn he’s hawt!

  • scorpio

    baby please, they heard you talking girl!!!

  • candi

    fine as *#&#@)! i don’t care what shade he is

  • Soul Cry

    …please feel free to bring this type of entertainment on a regular…thank you

  • tay tay

    I bought that issue of Playgirl and he has a nice sized dick! Yes, he’s very hawt! Lol!

  • WeSSide Eviscer8r

    How u durin?, brotha?

    hey…gotta call ’em as i c ’em.


  • Z Phi Til I Die

    @ WeSSide,

    I was gettin the same vibe from these pictures. He’s very attractive but these pictures do nothing for me.

  • greeneyezjade

    well well well!

  • simperfi32

    All you sisters on this board need to calm down.I bet he doesn’t even like sisters.You can trust and believe some white girl,Asian or Latina has already snapped him up so please chill!

  • OOH Wee

    “To the left, to the left”

  • Mary J Blige

    why he gotta be gay? WHY? just because a brother takes care of himself and his appearance he gotta be gay? what makes a brother straight looking? if he looks like a thug? a roughneck? Its 2k7 and men have discovered the art of fine grooming..that don’t make them gay. Sorry for the rant but i’m tired of EVERY single famous black male being labelled down low

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Dats whut I’m talkin bout.

  • Kim


  • Bahama Mama

    He’s kinda sorta key-ute!!

    he aint got nuttin on larry johnson or Kobe tho

  • up2nogood

    Mmmm!! I really want to be up to no good right about now.

  • Jus Another Opinion

    Damnnn on the real I am a CSI: New York gal. Try getting Hill Harper or Carmine that actor that plays Danny peen shots. I have no idea who this man is seriously, but he looks good. I don’t see why you couldn’t post 1 page from the new issue, every other site does.

  • follow the leader

    Papi chulo is yummie mwah!

  • Jus Another Opinion

    @ Mary J Blige

    I thought you was married, I saw you and your hubby in the Cheverlot commercial, (humming song) got my Cheverlot. Don’t be messing with the produce Mary, leave that for dinner every woman has a little friend in the night stand when her man ain’t acting right just reach over and twist the nob. Don’t forget the AA batteries…No homo pause!

  • K

    Im feeling dude Neck DOWN!!! I’d ride that D@#$ all night, and then wake up and get on my knees all morning YES SIR!

  • WeSSide Eviscer8r

    @ Mary J.

    Calm down, woman.

    Out of all people, I KNOW u r not tryingto sit up there and say u know men.K-Ci usta dog ur azz!

    *winks to sane readers*

    i, on the other hand have a ph.d (person hipped to d*ck) in this sorta thing. don’t trip. i know good d*ck, bad d*ick, d*ck that doesn’t want me, d*ck that wants my brother instead of me, d*ck that is VERY happy to see…narcoleptic d*ck…all that. holla if u need help in d*ck decoding. that’s the d*ck 411.

  • Licia

    Wow! Where he at? Where he at? Thanks…I have a permanent smile just thinking of all of the things…

  • kai

    Thanks much!

  • Traycee

    WeSSide Eviscer8r

    How u durin?, brotha?

    hey…gotta call ‘em as i c ‘em.


    ^^^I couldn’t have said it better myself! He looks just as fruity as they come.

  • elle

    yummy move that towel…;)

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