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Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted leaving the Costes hotel and head to the Chanel store for some shopping in Paris, France. The couple celebrated Jay’s 38th birthday last night by hitting up a strip tease show at the Crazy Horse cabaret.

They kinda have that royalty swag going on. What do you think?

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  • Traycee

    I see a BULGE! LOL……I’m so nasty.

  • AND...

    Bey does have a very elegant aura to her. Nothing like the stripper crotch shot below. This is beyonce knowles. That chick on the pole is Sasha. LOL

  • Detroit Hummingbirdee


    What you said makes good sense. Beyonce is the reserved chick you see in Paris, Sasha is the chick on the pole. WOnder which one she gave Jay last night for his birthday?

    They are hip-pop royalty. He’s the king of Hip-Hop, She’s the Queen of Pop.

  • Traycee

    I luv ya Bey…crotch shot and all (no homo)…but I think that is the worse I have ever seen her look.

  • nahnah

    WOnder which one she gave Jay last night for his birthday?


    I dunno but he still lookin’ a little stiff to me.

  • BombaySapphire

    They are what every black couple should strive to be. There has been no better black couple ever!

  • Sucre

    they actually look nice here. i actually for once think bey looks classy and lady like.

    the camel isnt that bad looking anymore hmmm?

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Okay why is he dressed like Bill Gates (an old rich white guy) and she’s dressed like one of the old Kennedy women???

    Maybe this (all this stuffyness) is why she needed to bust out below and show off her kitty kat!!!

  • blu majic

    i absolutely adore them together!!!

  • http://WWW.YAHOO.COM Redd

    Go Jay N Bee yall compliment each other a lot! Is it just me or does it seem like jay packing? Also Bee is looking fly in her purple and the shoes are the ish!


    Bey looks beautiful but I hate her OLD LADY SHOES!!!

    Guess somebody’s been reading this blog b/c she’s walking in front of him instead of behind!!!!

  • jay

    I bet when Jigga is doing his oral thing with B-girl, she probably feels like her cooch is receiving a power vac. treatment. Them lips look like they got suction capability for real. Looks like them lips make it capable for him to suck a cervix out of place.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    They look are the Black Royal couple!!!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    They look mahhhhvelous!!Oh how sweet, they spent Jay’s b-day in Paris.

  • Traycee

    damn jay…… you got me choking on my saliva! lmao

    @HOTSTUFF…..I noticed her walking in front, too.

  • Soul Cry

    They look good. Lovin’ the look Bee, may have to cop that.

    Very classy, both of you.

  • Lydia

    They look fabulous!! Look what money can do…

  • TT

    I love seeing Jay-Z and Beyonce together. Jay is my favorite rapper and Beyonce is my favorite singer. They are the best. always.

  • versace

    is her mother still dressing her? The shoes are tack out, it doesn’t go together with dress. Where does the white coat come in with all those colors?!

  • Cover Girl



  • jay

    Seriously, I dont view Jigga & B-Girl as no type of royal couple. To qualify for all the royal talk, dont everybody think they need to tie the knot, make it legal? Since they got royal titles being tossed their way, you would think they would take their marital vows. Hey, if they like it I love it, but I’ll hold off as holding them up as what I view as royalty. Make her an honest woman soup cooler lips, it’s not like you cant afford to do it.

  • uptowngirl


    I see a BULGE! LOL……I’m so nasty.


    I guess I’m nasty too cause that’s the first thing that caught my eye too. And rumor has it he is packing like a horse. Get it Bey. LOL

  • thematic

    people are never happy. if he dresses in tees and jeans, he’s dressing too young. when he’s in a polo, shoes, and blazer, he is dressing like an old rich (no reason to mention race though) man.

    get it together and figure out which you are happy with already.

  • Traycee

    @ versace…..which is why I said this is the worse I’ve seen her look. Her outfit doesn’t flow together…at least to me anyway.

  • Maurice

    They look perfect together. But damn would he just marry the woman? What he waitin on?! SMH.

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