Beanie Sigel’s B-Day Bash Leaves One Man Shot

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Beanie Sigel and some of Philly and North Jersey’s finest citizens were celebrating his birthday at Solo, that is until a fella caught a bullet with his chest:

What was supposed to be a celebration of Beanie Sigel’s 35th birthday turned into a near deadly shooting that left one man critically injured.

On Saturday (March 7), Sigel (Dwight Grant) held his party in Penn’s Landing at Club Solo.

The event drew nearly 600 partygoers, and according to Philadelphia authorities Sigel’s mother handled admission duties at the club’s entrance.

Because of the Philly emcee’s previous criminal record, officials from the Department of Licenses/Inspections and the Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement conducted a venue safety search at 10PM.

The shooting occurred later that evening at 1:35AM, when 24 year old Tyheem Baker of Camden, New Jersey was shot in the chest after coming out of Club Solo’s bathroom stall.

The shooting reportedly followed an argument the victim had with two unidentified men. Baker is currently listed in stable condition.

According to Sigel attorney Fortunato Perri Jr, his client was performing on stage at the time of the crime, and has no knowledge of the shooting or the perpetrators.

At press time, the venue is being investigated for its adherence to proper weapon searches and carding of patrons.

Last March, Sigel was sentenced to three months in prison for a third probation violation. The conviction was handed down following Sigel’s positive testing for illegal drugs.

Per an agreement with the courts, Sigel underwent drug treatment in order to maintain a 12-month supervised release.

At press time, Beanie Sigel could not be reached for comment.

It’s always something, y’all.  It looks like it’s never gonna stop either.


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  • Sickofitt!

    of course it did

    I hate Beanz nose

  • Sickofitt!

    The victim’s name is Tyheem, you know his mother was under 18 when she had him. Black folks can’t go nowhere with out N!a’s fuking it up.

  • Pimpin Willie Dynamite Supertight (Loafer Game Is Flu)


    The victim’s name is Tyheem, you know his mother was under 18 when she had him. Black folks can’t go nowhere with out N!a’s fuking it up.

    True too

  • PhillyBrown

    SIGEL !!!!

    *most philly clubs dont allow beans in… at all… due to the drama/violence that he brings (fights, shootings, etc.)

    SIGEL is the TRUTH lyrically. 🙂

  • PhillyBrown

    SIGEL !!!!!

  • PhillyBrown

    BEANS !!!

  • Loch Ness Monster

    Since when did birthday parties become dangerous? What’s next? Shootings at weddings and bar mitzvah’s?

  • Joi

    I live in Camden, NJ & it was advertised that he was at Transit (down the street from Solo) on Saturday for his birthday celebration.

  • 6 Figgas

    Trouble LOVES Beans. Everything he touches outside of the booth turns to sh*t.



  • Roe ski Love - The checks in the mail

    Why would the victom go into the rest room after having an altercation with some hood niccas. If it was me I would have been on point for the rest of the night and had Beenies Mom personally escort me to my ride. Then I would get out my heat and blast the fools when they came out of the club. (just kidding)

  • pyt10050

    how old is beanz now??? ain’t it about time for him to stay out the damn club?



  • reese615

    @ De’Vincent

    Dear, De’Vincent,

    YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO WALK AROUND WITH YOUR HAIR LIKE THAT, MAN. Come on, big dog, give us a break.

  • JC o' B'klyn

    They should just call such events Deathday bash instead of birthday bash.

  • ms.lovely

    Camden is SOUTH JERSEY.

  • justfire

    Beanie is a North Philly Rat always Nauling

  • Think About It

    Camden is not in North Jersey

  • NB

    Seriously ghetto Phila has enough violent crime and then they have ruin ish for ppl ugh disgrace.

  • Roe ski Love - The checks in the mail

    @ Reese615 Good luck trying to get De’Vincent to respond to your comment. His religion teaches him to only respond to you if you thank him for sharing the word. What is sad about that, is one day when he reaches full enlightment about the methods of spreading the word, he will realize that he could have been a better listener and a better responder if only he would have opened up his heart and mind, and not think he is constantly being challenged. This is a blog site where we make jokes all of the time. If he is reading this, maybe he will pray for further understanding.

  • sam

    this aint good

  • Editor

    Interesting blog post. What would you say was the most important factor?

  • Keisha

    @ De’Vincent
    You are absolutely right…Get yourself right with the LORD…

  • Anonymous

    This is to his mother Shelly. Why don’t you sit down somewhere?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder is he smart enough to invest any of his money? Stop with the parties and invest in something. Stop being stupid! He probably should see a psychiatrist, because there is obviously a mental problem going on here.

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