Ethnicity Matters? Gun Lobbyist Says The “Happy Africans” He Knows Are Nothing Like Their Surly African-American Counterparts

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Maybe cuz their ancestors weren’t dragged within inches of their lives across the ocean in the Middle Passage then whipped to pick cotton and sugar cane for FREE??? Just sayin’! As if we needed more evidence that gun lobbyists are idiots, one named Larry Pratt put his foot so far in his mouth last month that we are just now hearing about the bullisht he was talking…

According to NY Daily News reports:

The President of the Gun Owners of America has sparked a race row after comparing “happy” Africans from Africa to “surly” African-Americans.

Larry Pratt has come under fire after suggesting, on a radio show, that U.S. blacks could get a better “attitude” if they paid attention to the more contented Africans from the African continent.

“Generally, the African from Africa is a very pro-American person, a very happy person,” he told American Thinker writer Selwyn Duke during Gun Owners News Hour.

“I know several. And they always just happy with a joke, pleasant smile on their face,” Pratt continued.

“And they clearly don’t identify with the surliness that’s all too frequently the attitude of their fellow African-Americans here,” he added.

Pratt, who made his bizarre statement on Jan. 4 after Selwyn claimed how the best Catholic priests were from Africa, created a Twitter firestorm with his comments.

Pratt also praised Ghana in his rant, reports Opposing Views.

“It’s still illegal to commit an abortion, it’s illegal to be a homosexual. Very conservative social laws and very free market oriented as well,” he added.

This guy is an a$$wipe… who clearly needs to eat all this isht he talks. He can take his a$$ to Ghana and stay there since he likes it so much.

You can listen to this jerkwad below:


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