Introducing the New Scientology Schoolmaster

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Jada Pinkett Smith‘s got a new title, and it goes a little something like this:

Jada Pinkett Smith is adding another title to her resume: schoolmaster. The actress-producer and her husband, Will Smith, opened the New Village Leadership Academy in Calabasas, Calif., last fall. The school is for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. Now Pinkett Smith hopes to open a companion high school.

Pinkett Smith says she decided to open the elementary school after developing a home-school program for her children. The school generated some controversy because it relies on instructional methods developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. But the school’s director has said it isn’t a Scientology facility. Meanwhile, Pinkett Smith is set to produce and star in a new series on TNT.

Frankly, we’re sick of their denials about that sh*t. Looky here. If you’re an adult and want to dabble in that cultish foolery, than by all means, throw your life away, but leave the children out of it gotdammit.


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  • Ermy Erm is....*insert emotion here*

    she look crazy right here. betta yet, she look like she in a still from the matrix

  • Resurrected

    Scientology another clut in the making and it like all of Hollywood is pressuring other celebrities to be apart. Yeah reall good one Science over GOD that creator of all things.

  • Ocean


  • ClownFace Kim K

    good for her for helping the community

  • Ocean

    or 3rd! but anyways- i feel christianity is a form of cult to- and how many of us (nubians) were indoctrinated from BIRTH to ‘believe’ in its doctrines. People have the right to raise their children according to their own beliefs- Just because it is not christianity does not mean that now all of a sudden parents shouldnt do it. I dont support scientology but all forms of religions are cults anyways and everybody is raised into a religious cultural experience. When u say A u must say B.

  • Special Ed.......Dropout

    She’s getting ready to board the mothership.

  • hmmmm

    What i don’t get is why would will and jada spends millions of dollars to build a school in calabassas? Calabassas is filled with snotty rich folks ! Why not spend money to help kids in poor areas ????? And im sorry but there should be some credentials in order to be a “school master”…like a degree ! Celebs are so annoying. Will was on Oprah preaching all sorts of scientology bull a few months back. Why deny it? It’s like a cult that no one wants to admit they belong to lol.

  • Resurrected

    Ocean anything can be a clut very true but the differnt is all other religious ask for a lot of negative things out of you and put you in the path of following a man. Now I am christian but more than that I do not really claim a religion I just a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To me the differnet is that GOd came to the earth to die for our sins and all that he ask for in return is for his people to love him. He does not force you, threating you, ask that you believe in man, molest you like most cluts, he just want your heart and for you to live by the laws of the land that governs the land and to me that is not asking much. He give you free will even just to love him.

  • NYCinVA

    She looks like she biting Victoria Beckham’s style in this picture….

  • Ocean

    @ resurrected- i totally appreciate your comment so i would just add something- This is not to be offensive but this is just My person opinion ok- i am not in the business of following any man! ever asked yourself yyy do these religious cults ask for you to be a follower of men? if u follow jesus/mohammed/ghandi/buddha/selassi you will never be greater than that person- you will never unlease your own divinity. My thing is this- if a bird gives birth to a bird, and a cat gives birth to a cat and so on- then God (or Goddess) must give birth to Gods (and Goddesses). Any man who asks to be followed has a huge ego and is robbing u from claiming ur inheritance. if anything i am equal to jesus- but i will never place him before me. God (Goddess) made me too like S-He made him. Difference lies in the mind. But that’s just my opinion.

  • jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)

    I am happy she is trying to do somethign for kids. Education is the only highway to take these days. Get your education cause when all said and done, we got enough dumb illiterate folks out here.

  • Re

    Okay, okay, Morpheus! I’ll take the blue pill.

  • jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)

    Okay, okay, Morpheus! I’ll take the blue pill.

    You are hilarious.

    Girl I ahd to leave that other post for a while with all the imposters popping in, it’s like who the hell are you talking to.

  • Re

    @jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)

    I know girl…I’ve been been laying off those main threads!

  • ok

    why calabassas? that’s a very RICH area. Why not build a nice school in a poor area? Why help the rich even more ?!!!



  • pm

    @ok cus inner city kids bad as hell and will trash the school out but u can’t blame them u got to blame thier parents.

  • JJ

    I believe the reason that “DA SMIFF”S”..Will and Jada invest their money in rich neighborhoods is that rich folks will financially support the school to offset some of the costs to upkeep and maintain….Will “US” blacks keep the school up and running or let it fall by the wayside? Ask Oprah ’bout it. Just a thought.

  • She 4 real

    hollywood has gone mad! i am positive the end is near!

  • Resurrected


    I don’t believe in following any man with but what I do know is that only God works though you the image of light or the devil is working through you the image of darkness. We as people have authority in this sphere called the world so the only other person that you can see light or darkness in is another man. A person can walk the path of a righteous person and be lead to good just as they can be lead to the bad. End the end we are all intitled to our opinion but in my life I ahve seen and felt GOD in many ways that lets me know that he and his power is real.

  • Midnite

    I am so dissappointed in Jada and Will if this true

  • leeha

    The post clearly said that their school is using a scientology teaching method, not doctrine. And Will said before this school is geared towards troubled kids. Maybe he’s going to bus these kids from the hood. I think thats good because these kids need to get out of their neighborhoods. They need to be exposed to a world outside of their run down, barely functional communities. They need to be exposed to the wider world, this is Will and Jada’s way of bringing poor kids into their home. I’m not going to knock them, at least they are doing something positive with their fame.

  • Luv-Lee


  • AnalystGuy

    Her and Will need to stop playing like they are not into this Sceintology mess. The truth will come out soon enough. Hollyweird got them.

  • *Treasure*

    This scientology is the mark of the beast. It is a sign of the times that the end is near. This is mans word, not god. The only way to redemption is through Jesus. He holds the key to the ressurrection, paradise, and Heaven. Not man.

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