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Striving for relevancy, Robin Givens uses her only claim to fame to get out in the spotlight once more:

Robin Givens has a message for Rihanna: Get out now. The actress and ex-wife of former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson spoke about her own experience with domestic violence on “Larry King Live” Tuesday night, and told guest host Joy Behar that hearing about the pop star’s troubles with boyfriend Chris Brown brings back painful memories. “Even sitting now, you know, here with you, it shakes you up,” said Givens. “You know, you begin to sweat. You begin to feel sad all over. … It’s hard to sit here.”

Brown, 19, has been charged with two felonies after allegedly punching, choking and biting Rihanna, 21, on the day of the Grammy Awards. Sources report that the couple are back together.

Givens, who is now a spokesperson for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, called the similarities between her own story and other stories of abuse “amazing.”

“I find that my story is their story; their story is my story — down to the details,” she said. “He dragged me down the hall by my hair. He pulled me out of bed by my panties. He would like to choke me. He would kick.”

Givens described how Tyson’s emotional apologies made it difficult for her to walk away. “All of a sudden this person, this man that you love, that’s claiming his love for you, is crying, you know?” she said. “And then you’re consoling them. And it just becomes, I’ll never, ever, ever do it again. … I just love you so much. It’s so hard for me to handle how much I love you. And it just begins.”

Asked by Behar why she continued to stay with Tyson, Givens replied, “I was very bonded. And it’s hard to be bonded and save yourself at the same time.” Givens ended the interview with some parting advice for Rihanna. “The one thing I’d like to say to Rihanna, actually; as difficult as this all is, she does not have to answer to the media,” Givens said. “She doesn’t have to explain it. She has to take care of herself.”

How pathetic that ole girl is still harping on this tired story for some attention. Hey Robin, time to get a new hustle, and stop boring us with those stories of Iron Mike whipping that ass.


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