American Airlines Tosses Man’s Lifetime Flying Pass Aside

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Posted by Bossip Staff

American Airlines is up to some shady business concerning the agreement they had with a man who dropped hella stacks so that he and a companion could fly free fa-eva-eva:

A man who paid about $400,000 to fly first-class anywhere in the world with a companion for the rest of his life is suing American Airlines for revoking that right.

Steven Rothstein, who lived in Wilmette at the time, paid nearly $250,000 in 1987 for the lifetime pass, and an additional $150,000 two years later to take a companion along with him during his flights.

Rothstein on Tuesday filed a $7 million lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court, claiming the airline illegally revoked the passes in December after alleging he fraudulently used the flight passes by making “speculative reservations” for companions

American Airlines no longer sells lifetime pass, and Rothstein claims the alternative cost of purchasing first-class tickets for the rest of his life would cost $7 million.

You’d think throwing down $400 large would warrant at least a sit down meeting and explanation before they toss the agreement to the side.  Slick bastards.


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  • JC


  • Sickofitt!

    That was a good deal.

  • tj22

    2nd thats alotof money back then.Typical rip offs

  • Pooty Tang

    they thought he probably was going to go with the okie-doke but he decided to fight back. good for him! they deserve it. how are you going to offer lifetime flights (even if it was in the 80’s, it doesnt matter), the person pays not only for one person but TWO and then turn arond and try that man like that?! SHADY INDEED!!

  • pyt10050

    i hope he wins that lawsuit. how they just gonna take back something he paid 400 stacks for??? thats not right

  • Bloodshot 3rd Eye

    Depends on if he was booking the flights for other people or not that’s the way it sounds to me. Violate the deal then you screwed yourself no need to complain to anybody about it.

  • Karolina_Jubilee

    hope he gets ’em 4 what they got, the bastards. im tired of rich ppl give good ppl the run-around. let the dude fly!

  • Carla

    He’ll most likey get a dozen of lawyers and go to court over this action, lol…


    sue da hell outta them selfish bastards

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    That’s so messed up. He probably let a few family members or friends use his pass for a special occasion or something. Regardless, he paid a lot of money for that shit, and if the airline never told him directly and SPECIFICALLY that this was not allowed, I say that’s their problem. Rich bastards. They’ll do anything we let ’em! At least give the man his damn money back then!

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    And can someone tell me how to upload a photo here?? I’d appreciate it!

    : )

  • ME ME ME

    he must fly often

  • Juice

    $400K in the 80s??? The guys an idiot, should have just bought a few cribs they’d be worth about $10 million now 🙂

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