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- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

There is much more to Snoop than pimp cups, Now and Later gators, pimp cups, and pressed out Shirley Temple curls…there is a side to Snoop that no one has ever seen before: fatherhood.

New to the realm of reality TV on E! Is Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood a show on the life of Calvin Broadus, his wife and three kids. So grab some gin and juice or henny without the coke if you prefer and get ready to laugh, then chill…till the next episode.

Click Here to watch Snoop’s newest video “Sensual Seduction”.

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  • Mary J Blige

    more coonery and buffoonery to lease the massah. snoop is a disgrace and a gang banger

  • Mary J Blige


  • Dalia

    This man isn’t a role model for anybody…especially his own kids. And the wife puts up with his messes because of the money.

    This is NOT the kind of black family to showcase.

  • Beantown_Mami

    How many more celebrities are going to have reality shows until this gets played out I mean damn…This “reality t.v.” genre is getting out of hand!!! This must stop!!!

  • Biscuits

    This man isn’t a role model for anybody…especially his own kids. And the wife puts up with his messes because of the money.

    This is NOT the kind of black family to showcase.



    DAMN!!! Whats with all the hatred? All we know about Snoop is what the media protrays him to look like. He is inviting us into his life lets be polite guest in this mans home. If you dont except the invitation dont go I’m sure he wont be trippin. Fo Shizzle


    I’ll be there uncle Snoop roll me up a PHAT ONE

  • Baby Please

    @ Mary J Blige

    “more coonery and buffoonery to please the massah”

    Yup. Absolutely!

  • Tealeaf


  • Kompton'sKutie

    Who’s brainy idea was this? Hell it might turn out 2 be good, cuz that is not a happy family! N Chante be acting bougee when she is still ghetto az hell!

    A MESS!

  • Kompton'sKutie


    I like Snoop and all and I hope he does portay a better side. I might watch an epi or 2 and give my Update later. I try 2 give every show a chance, I gave that Kardasian crap a chance, ridiculous.

    But I’ll be Watching RUN’S HOUSE!


    @Mary J Blige

    You act like he did a drive by on your house or C-Walked on you lawn. Quit Hatein

  • Mary J Blige



  • Morpheus

    The dumbing down of America continues….

  • `Da Real

    Why ya hatin so hard? What do you know about Snoop besides what those crackers tell you? What about all the cheese he gives back to the community. He at least deserves a chance

    (1 episode).

  • Elijah HOOD

    i’ll watch.

  • Antidumb

    I try, try, try so hard to understand this dumb race, How is it WHITE PEOPLE’S FAULT, how Snoop is portrayed. Didn’t he do that himself in the media and out. Am so ashamed, we would blame our mama’s if it took responsibility off of us.


  • Bird

    Hollywood is truly insane. If they have success with a formula once they try to copy it over and over and over and over. Look not every family are the Simmons. Don’t nobody want to see Snoop’s disfunctional family and I hate that Irv’s show got renewed. Like we really need to see the distruction of divorce in action. They are undoing all the good work of Run’s House.

  • Anonymous3

    I saw a preview of him humming food during Thanksgiving dinner (some type of dinner?) and all I could think of was that this show might actually turn me off of reality TV especially as it pertains to celebrity reality TV….although I like the Salt n Peppa show and I was surprised with the Irv Gotti show…..I still don’t like him but he got me watching his show so he must doing something right

  • Anonymous3

    I meant to say *humming food down the table at someone sitting at the end of the tableP

  • suckafree

    i completely get ur saying but snoop dogg has always being that cool funny gangster so it would be great to see his show on E! instead of anyother channel. I just cant wait till dec 9th

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