Bird Beef: Kenya Moore Says NeNe Leakes Is Jealous Of Her Because She Can’t Get Any Work In Hollywood!

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Is Kenya a bigger star than NeNe?

Kenya Moore Says NeNe Leakes Is Jealous Of Her

Via UB Magazine reports:

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” beauty Kenya Moore stopped by “Watch What Happens Live” last night to address all of the drama that’s been going down the last few episodes of the hit reality show and of course she spoke on her now ruined friendship with NeNe Leakes.

Kenya thinks NeNe is jealous of her because she might feel Kenya is a threat and a ploy from producers to remove her from the show. But Kenya seems to think there’s room for two head housewives. When asked by a caller if NeNe is just jealous, she says:

“Knowing what I know and knowing what I’ve experienced and what you will see throughout the season, yes.

“I think that she’s threatened by my position on the show. Well I don’t back down on her and I came in last season and I feel like she had moved on from the show. She had all these other jobs and now that she doesn’t have it…I think she views me as her replacement. And I think that is what’s causing her to flip on me because she doesn’t have the Hollywood jobs anymore.

“It’s unfortunate because I think there’s enough room for everyone. I think we all have blessings coming our way. And what’s meant for you is meant for you and you can’t go out of your way to try to sabotage people and do the things that I know she’s tried to do to me while on the show that I will save for the reunion because it’s a lot of tea.”

Who is the best bird reality star?

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