Great Black Hope: “12 Years A Slave” Director Hopes Lupita Nyong’o Will Change Limitations On Dark-Skinned Actresses In Film

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This might just be the best feature story on her yet! Lupita Nyong’o is on the cover of yet another magazine — the Spring Fashion issue of New York Magazine and while the interview covers much of the same ground previous articles have the accompanying photos are even more stunning than previous shoots and we were particularly taken with this quote, because it corresponds directly with conversations we’ve had here about what it will take for dark-skinned black actresses to flourish in Hollywood.

Via New York Magazine:

Patsey may be the type of character made noble by her suffering, but Nyong’o’s performance is raw, unmitigated, a marvel of mainlined emotion, as unflattering and powerful as that can be. “I think she amplified the humanity, but there’s a certain kind of beauty to it, there’s a certain kind of openness,” says McQueen. “You know, there’s been a lot said about dark-skinned black actresses and the limitations they have within film. Well, I just hope that directors and other creative people have the idea of putting her in great and interesting projects, because she’s extraordinary.”

We agree, but think that with the success of Gabourey Sidibe and Viola Davis, Lupita’s success also comes with amazing timing. She has the talent AND the beauty and the body and is young enough and mature enough that she should not face such limitations. Matter fact she better not face such limitations.

Hit the flip to see all her stunning glory in more from the NY Magazine spread !!!

Photo Credit: New York Magazine/Erik Madigan Heck

Photo Credit: New York Magazine/Erik Madigan Heck

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      Stunning and beautiful!

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