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It seems as though the Chrihanna saga has brought mofos out of the woodwork to share their respective stories, and Tyra has one as well:

In the wake of pop star Rihanna’s alleged beating by singer boyfriend Chris Brown, Tyra Banks is devoting an episode of her talk show to the issue of teen dating abuse.

It’s a subject close to her heart. In the segment airing Thursday on “The Tyra Banks Show,” the super model shares her experience dating a man who emotionally abused her. Banks says the man chipped away at her, trying to break her down so he could be in control. One day, she woke up and decided to end the relationship because “when you’re done, you know you’re done.”

Banks will be a guest on the live Thursday edition of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” which Winfrey has dedicated to dating violence in response to the alleged assault of Rihanna.

Right, wrong, or indifferent; you knew Tyra wasn’t gonna be far from all the commotion.  Share your story, girlfriend.  We promise to listen.

Pics below.


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  • Aunt Viv

    And somehow she’ll make it all about her…

  • Smitten

    @ Aunt Viv

    You can bet that!!!

  • Elle

    Women who are influential should speak out against domestic violence.

  • jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)


    Women who are influential should speak out against domestic violence.

    then they should have been speaking out about it way before this. They shouldn’t have waited until someone famous became a victim of it to speak out about it.

    If this would have been an everyday person, the show topics would have been Make-overs and some celebrity and how happy they are in life. They might be using it to speak out against it, but they are also using it for exposure.

  • sj

    I’m so tired of people expoiting this Chrianna situation.

  • sj

    should read…*exploiting

  • Donna

    Oprah, Tyra, Gale, Robin Givens… all of these heifers need to shut the hell up and mind their own damn business.
    Chris Brown IS NOT O.J. Simpson ! This was an isolated incident that has been blown out of proportion. Again, no one knows what the hell happened. All we’ve heard is rumors from STD’s to stilettos upside the head to sex-texing. Let’s retire this damn story.

  • pm

    Im going back to africa where a man can beat his wife in peace…. joking

  • kahmmillion

    These ppl are not going to stop until this little boy commits suicide. Dear God!!!

    Why was it ok for Rhianna to hit him? I just don’t get it.

    I guess they didn’t read the arrest warrant like I did I see that most of those things that Rhianna claimed transpirred were not plausible.

  • kahmmillion

    I guess foreheads have to stick together.

  • TheGoodGood

    She talking abotu Chris Webber, he was a dog to her.

  • Tealeaf

    Everybody hates Chris

  • kahmmillion

    Women (and men) get beat up every day by their spouses or significant others and no one makes a big deal out of it. But because it happened to this trick… it’s a big deal…I just don’t get it. What about women who really do get beat up?

    She said that it happened before, where are the bruises. She wears as little clothes as possible and I haven’t seen any bruises.

  • Jamilah

    Why cant boys defend themselves? I know I would not want some chick beating my father, brother or son.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/bestsexever Christy

    Go Tyra! I refuse to read the comments from some of these retards..

  • Cyn

    That top is Sasha Fierce

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Again, the ignorance is glaring…*exiting this thread and SMDH*

  • Honeycream

    Why do people who can’t scream loud enough, or whose opinion is ignored by others always quick to call someone stupid? Not everyone is going to agree with a particular point of view. If you think it’s great that’s you but that doesn’t make someone else having a different opinion stupid. It’s their opinion. Sheesh!

  • http://bossip tiababy09


  • shay

    I really don’t understand why Oprah is having this subject on her show…I want her for the first time to have a show about women living with their boyfriend for many years…Talk about women who deserves a man who want to marry her and not shacking like her and Stedman… What happened to marriage Oprah??

    Better yet have a great show with President Obama and the economy…Have him to promise all of us he will not borrow money from the Chinese government…If that happens I promise I moving out of the country…China will have so much control over us…

  • http://www.addikted2fame.com MsAddikted2Fame
  • Divine

    I was listening to a radio show with these little girls calling in about how they boyfriend beats them and its OK and how they can handle it and everyone is over reacting about Chris Brown. And how they hate Rhianna. And if they were with Chris Brown they would have stayed with him and how they can’t believe she would ruin his life..

    When you have young girls who are young, dumb and impressionable like this, it is important to battle all that nonesense with as many messages denouncing violence again women as we can.

    It was SHOCKING. If its not treated as horrific as it is, it will become acceptable.
    There was a time, when men wouldn’t allow another man to hit any woman. Slowly, that fabric of manhood has worn away and look at what we have now.

    A bunch of punks.

  • shay

    God would everybody just shut up about this already, as if this is the first time a celebrity couple as faced this kind of thing.. Hello Whitney and Bobby,Madonna and Sean , Pam and Tommy Lee, Josh Brolin and Diane Lane…The list goes on…and for everyone saying he can’t get over this , well it looks like we just gave Mr.Sean Penn an Oscar so i think he will be able to move forward. PEOPLE CAN OVERCOME THIS!! it seems like there are alot of close minded people on these boards who have forgotten about counseling and forgiveness. And As if this is any of our business. This should only be between Chris and Rhianna. I do not look to up celebrities as role models and for all you complainers saying ur kids look up to them…you need to parent them better and tell them what is right and wrong not let the TV do it for you. These people are just making a living and i do not think that they should suffer based on what goes on in their personal lives!!! IF i beat up my husband i wouldn’t be fired from my job cause they don’t care!!

  • *Treasure*

    I am pleased that Oprah and Tyra are doing shows regarding this matter. Tyra was in an abusive relationship with Chris Webber so she could enlighten people on the topic. I hope they are not doing it for ratings.

  • g

    He hit her she hit him same difference! People need to mind their own. She took him back BIG F*CKIN DEAL! Its her life..why are we losin sleep over it?

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