You Can’t Be Serious: Shameless Teens Start “Selfies With Homeless People” Trend Via Social Media Sites

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This isn’t “Lol”, this is “GTFOHWTBS

Selfies With Homeless People Becomes Popular Amongst Teens

Via NYDailyNews

Selfies just got even sicker.

Not happy with snapping personal profile shots at funerals and somber venues, teens are now posing with homeless people to impress their pals.

Hundreds of youngsters have uploaded pictures of themselves mocking down-and-outs in cities and towns across the U.S. in recent months and weeks.

Images show them laughing and joking as the unsuspecting victims of their pranks lie passed out on park benches and sidewalks.

“Quick selfie with the homeless guy sleeping in the lobby,” wrote one girl as she stared smiling into the camera.

“Selfie with a homeless dude I found,” added another grinning teen.

“Hahahahahaha look at the picture I took with this dirty, cold, and starving person with nowhere to live”

Yeah, hilarious…SMFH

Images via Twitter

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