Watch Ya Mouth: T.I. Joins In After Tiny Checks Rude Female Fans – “What He Do With His D**k Is Between Him & God!”

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T.I. & Tiny go H.A.M on fans for sideways comments….and Tiny hints that the rumors are true…

T.I. And Tiny Respond To Rude Fan Comment About Their Relationship

T.I. and Tiny have been making headlines for a few weeks now over rumors that their long-running matrimonydom is on the rocks and things seemed to have reached their peak recently when Tip publicly criticized Tiny for posting too many photos of her donk on Instagram.

However, regardless of what may or may not be actually going  down between these two behind closed doors, they recently made it crystal clear to a few out-of-pocket female followers who tried to jump out there that they aren’t the ones to mess with.

The first follower commented on one of Tiny’s recent Instagram pics claiming that her friend is currently giving up the goods to Tip…

…and you can imagine how things quickly turned ugly from here. Hit the flip to check out Tiny go at it with this girl and another after being fed up with the rude comments about her rumored marital problems…

And this was just the beginning. Tiny clapped back at the e-thugs until her Grand Hustle hubby himself finally shuts down all the sideways talk.

Another  follower gave her unsolicited two cents on T.I.’s  recent social media posts and Tiny was quick to put her in her place….

The girl even suggested that there was truth to the rumors since Tiny didn’t deny it……which resulted in Tiny suggesting that if her hubby IS getting his sideline swerve on, that’s between him and God.  Peep what TIP had to say to the girl next…

She got one more last lick in before Tip stepped in. Check that out on the final page, along with one last post from Tiny.

Tiny added one last laugh following T.I. putting the girl in check…

Daayyyyyuuuum! If you managed to make sense of this struggle-gram convo, do you agree with the girl’s theory that there’s some truth to the rumors since Tiny didn’t outright deny it? Or is she just another angry bird doing whatever she can to get a response?

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