For Discussion: Don Lemon Speaks On Samuel L. Jackson And Laurence Fishburne Mix Up…”It’s Not About Race! Some Black People Look Alike!” [Video]

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Don Lemon On Samuel L. Jackson Mix Up: “People Do Look Alike!”

A few days ago, Samuel L. Jackson was mistaken (by a white Los Angeles reporter) for Laurence Fishburne in an interview which sparked the on-going debate of “Hey, we don’t all (black people) look alike!” by Jackson. Click HERE if you missed that.

Now of course, CNN anchor Don Lemon has discussed this topic and agrees with the KTLA reporter that sometimes folks really do look alike. SMH. Really??

Via Mediaite:

Lemon began by talking about how he was often mistaken for former CNN anchor T.J. Holmes, something he said the two men used to joke about frequently. When it did happen, he said he would usually just laugh and correct them, perhaps saying, “I’m the other black guy.”

When someone is in our tribe, I think it’s particularly easier for us to tell them apart, because we’re used to their facial features,” Lemon said, before warning that he’s “probably going to get in trouble” for saying “people do look alike.” He used a few examples before landing one that might hit close to home for anyone who has spent any time in Brooklyn recently.

“It’s not about race,” Lemon said. “You go to Brooklyn, everybody’s got a beard and plaid shirt. They may be able to tell each other part but they all look alike to me.” At the same time, Lemon said Rubin “should probably know” Samuel L. Jackson’s name by now, especially since he’s been in more than 70 movies over the last few decades.

Hmmmm..thoughts on Don’s views on tribes and such??? Peep the video below and discuss…


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