Yeezy the Geriatric

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Look at old man Kanye on the set of him and 88 Keys new video, Stay Up (Viagra). The vixens look like nice respectable girls.

Peep the makeup before and after with more shots of the vixens when you…

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    haha freakin’ hilarious! 1st?

  • Hefty

    2nd!!! I wish I was first! I am tired of hearing about his sorry but! He really needs to get some viagra and leave that ho aloneeeee!

  • Nicegirlsfinishfirst

    Which one is he? He just seems to be popping up everywhere! First, he’s hooked up with a woman that looks like trash trying to dress up to look like classy, then he’s talking about RiRI and Chris, then he’s doing the Storytellers, then he’s back in Paris AGAIN, then he’s doing American Idol, not he’s dressing up as a old azz man! Kanye if you are reading this, can you please tell us why you are trying to do so much now. I mean if you are trying to keep your name out there that’s your business, but give us a break! You ain’t all that!



  • Treetop

    who is the other dude

  • Hold Up...

    Isn’t the chick in the yellow from the 1st season of that BET prank show Hell Date?

  • melo

    Kanye needs to go away.

  • A.S.

    HAA HA!! They look like Eddie & Arsenio in the barbershop from Coming to America!

  • Meggie Letterman


    From the characters that both Ye & ? (why I don’t know the damn name don’t ask me) I think they’re showing a story of the mond of a freaky old man. So I guess that’s why it’s two race (girls)

  • TheGoodGood

    Coming to america… complete with bleach, spray tan and silicone.

  • Higher than Giraffe PUSSe

    Who gives a flying fart. Ultimately someone is getting screwed in the booty. I ain’t going!

  • ME ME ME

    the “vixen” in the yellow is off of season 1 of hell daters!

  • james lesure fan

    who heck is 88 keys????

  • justNoticed


    i don’t hold white men responsible, I hold black men responsible. White men have been taking advancement and black men are letting them.

    There is nothing wrong admiring white women, I love pamela anderson, carmen electra.

    But black men need to promote black women. The white man promotes his women. Every other race of man has no problems.

  • yeah yeah!

    i love 88-keys & kanye.
    that track is HOT!!!

  • I am the ONE!

    that ole girl from hell date

  • Nicegirlsfinishfirst

    Hate to admit it, but me and Hefty are the same. I feel like such a hater for writing what I did. I wish I wish I could be on Kanye West’s arm instead of the girl he’s with, for real!

  • justNoticed

    i forgot to add, they will get asian and hispanic women with tans who try to look black, but they aren’t.

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