Would Someone Please…

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

…Save her soul for real. Here is the poster child for why drugs are bad in all her splendor.

Amy Winehouse was photographed at a bar in London last night rockin the same clothes she had on the night before. Seriously, that’s what the caption of the photo said. Real talk, though…dingy and grungy steez aside, she is wearing the same bra she had on in the crying in the streets photo the other day. No comment on the ballet slippers.

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  • http://www.theblackactor.com Baby Please

    It’s not even funny, anymore. I hope she finds her way.


  • Erika

    She makes my stomach curl

  • Curly Fries

    I agree with Baby Please. It’s not funny. May God watch over her. She is somebody’s child and somebody out there is crying over her. It’s so sad.

  • Mrs

    lets just do her a favour – dash her in a cage and water her and give her some crack ers for a year or two – see if that HELPS

    She needs to be supervised

  • SoSoDef

    At least her slippers are clean!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    So sad…seems like the only way she’ll get help is if she breaks the law and is court appointed to rehab since she would voluntarily go. I won’t be surprised if she ends up dead somewhere from an overdose or some other stupid accident. SMH



  • Sun Goddess

    I really hate her Rehab song, now. I really do.

  • squomp


    hate to say thats prolly coming sooner than later.

  • Soul Cry

    ..mind you, they always seem to print the worst pictures, worst angles, any and everything to discredit her…

    That being said, my girl needs help…to much talent wasted.

  • RocCity

    @ SoSoDef

    At least her slippers are clean!

    LOL!!! THIS Time…….:)

  • Dalia

    I don’t think that she even bathes.

  • Mary J Blige

    Amy had substance abuse problems long before she encountered Blake Fielder-Civil so despite him being an enabler, wishing death on him helps no one (and reveals a very sick attitude on your part). Like many tortured geniuses before her Amy appears to be intent on taking a self-destructive path. May the Lord help her

  • stan-b-gone

    i love her. someone please help her! i cant even laugh at her anymore. she is too talented to lose any time soon. 😦

  • Mrs

    It’s true unless something happens, someone takes her away and helps her this will end badly.

  • Ken

    She is so hot. I noticed her him at one big site, it seems that is millionairefriends .com. Sorry. I forget the username.

  • mo'ree

    I mean where is her momma and daddy?? is she too old to beat into rehab…where’s my damn belt?

  • Tealeaf

    She is acting crazier since her junkie husband is locked up

  • WakeUpCall

    And Don Imus called black girls “nappy headed hoes”, well what do u call this? i call it stank a$$ cracked up hoe. She look like she’s getting ready to kill herself

  • Tavia

    I feel sorry for her she sure can sing …someone needs to send her these pictures so she can see what the hell she looks like cause lawd this chick need Jesus I love her music but now it’s time for her to come on in ..if people stopped buying her music bet she get her act together bootleg all the way from now on.

  • Killa Can

    Hot Azz Mess!

  • Look@urself

    I ❤ AMY

  • Mahogany

    Where’s Captain Save A Hoe when U need him???

    Damned caped crusader.

  • Mahogany



  • cindylee

    The news would soon read that she died after overdosing on drugs. If he stays on this path she may not see 2008 or 09.

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