Braveheart: Ashanti Talks New Album, Betrayal, & Being Irreplaceable – “We Don’t Like Sidechicks”

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Ashanti reveals which album lyrics about her relationship brought her family to tears and why Nelly’s next chick can’t compare to her…

Ashanti Sings About Betrayal And Being Irreplaceable

R&B songstress Ashanti held an intimate listening session last night in NYC to preview her new album “Braveheart” and BOSSIP was in the building to take a listen.

As she played the album, the former Murda Inc. mami, who is now signed to her own record label, talked listeners through each track and how it related to what she’s been going through personally. Check out a little of what she had to say below:

On what she’s been up to musically since her last album:
From 2009 to 2012, I walked away from 7 major label deals because nothing felt right. When everybody wants to have their hand in what you’re creating, it gets frustrating.

And people critique [what’s going on] without actually knowing and that just made me want to go harder so, this album is a result of that.

On meaning behind album title “Braveheart:”
As everyone knows, I’ve been going through a lot recently and being in a relationship, you have to be brave enough to go through everything from the highs to the lows.

This is a very sincere album. Life just kind of happened. I write about real life and the album really just mirrors what I went through.

Ashanti also got very personal during the listening session, revealing which lyrics about her relationship on the album brought her family to tears and opening up about the meaning behind the anti-sidechick anthem “She Can’t.”

Hear the rest of what she had to say on the flip.

On her family’s reaction to hearing “Never Should Have” for the first time:
My family is very close knit so they know how personal this album really is for me. I was playing the album for my sister Shia and her friends and as soon as “Never Should Have” came on, I looked up and saw her crying. It was crazy because one minute they were all partying and dancing but when she heard the lyrics on that song, and knowing my situation, as well as the stuff they were going through in their lives…it brought them to tears.

On singing about the aftermath of a relationship in the album track titled “Scars”: 
I’ve gone through a lot…people have betrayed me and I never saw it coming. And…you know…they left me with [emotional] scars as a result. But I think the scars also serve as reminders that, you know, you got through it; you survived it. And you should never look back.

On meaning behind the track “She Can’t”:
Well, the timing on that record couldn’t have BEEN more perfect! I actually performed the record when I was over in Japan and you know, they don’t speak much English but, they were still rocking.

So, I asked [a member of my team] who speaks both English and Japanese to translate for them so they could know what I was really singing about. I was like “how do you say ‘sidechick’ in Japanese?’

And when I said it to them, they were all just like “ohhh nooo, nooo.” It was crazy! I was like yeah, we don’t like sidechicks.

Welp, from the sounds of things, it’s not too hard to guess what Ashanti thinks of Nelly running around with Tae Heckard after their break up.

She also has a few club bangers on the album like the strip-club inspired twerk tune “Count,”  and  the reggae- themed “First Real Love” featuring Beanie man that’s sure to be a summer anthem.

Will you be checking out “Braveheart” when it hits stores on March 4th?

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