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What the hell??

Drunk Teen Disguised As Flower Pot Uses Chainsaw To Rob Gas Station

Via Gawker reports:

Who hasn’t done this before: Early Monday morning, a teenager allegedly got drunk as hell, put a flower pot on his head, grabbed a chainsaw, and tried to rob a 7-Eleven.

At about 4:30 a.m. Monday, Steven Frank Steele allegedly entered a 7-Eleven attached to a gas station in Ipswich, Australia and tried to attack two store clerks with a chainsaw, which was running at the time. Terrified, the clerks fled to backroom and called police,

Undeterred, the teen smashed a window with the chainsaw, knocked over two shelfs of snacks, and demanded money.

When the clerks refused to hand over any cash, Steele allegedly pulled down his pants, mooned them, stole a soda, stormed out of the store, and damaged a car in the parking lot.

A police officer responding to the call spotted the flower pot-clad teen walking down the road and detained him. The chainsaw was found in a bush not far from the store.

Steele was arrested and charged with one count of armed robbery, two counts of willful damage, one count of going armed to cause fear, one count of public nuisance and one count of possessing suspected stolen property.

Does he have relatives in Florida?



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