Sorry, Not Sorry: Nicki Minaj Scolds Critics And Apologizes For Using Malcolm X Pic For “Lookin’ A$$ N***as” Artwork

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Pressure busts pipes

Nicki Minaj’s new music video and accompanying artwork has had Black Power Fist Twitter up in arms for the last 24 hours. The video depicts Nicki firing a machine gun at a “Lookin azz n***a” while wearing a shredded “dress” and pasties covering her nippies.

While many argued that Nicki’s male bashing and oversexed persona was a destructive message to send to the black community, it was the Malcolm X-inspired artwork that REALLY got the 140-character pot boiling!

Either the public backlash became too much bare, or someone in Nicki’s camp decided that a line had been crossed, because just minutes ago Onika took to Instagram to issue this apology and admonished those who don’t seem to understand her message.

Flip it over to read what she had to say…

What seems to be the issue now? Do you have a problem with me referring to the people Malcolm X was ready to pull his gun out on as Lookin A$$ N***az? Well, I apologize. That was never the official artwork nor is this an official single. This is a conversation. Not a single. I am in the video shooting at Lookin A$$ N***az and there happened to be an iconic photo of Malcolm X ready to do the same thing for what he believed in!!!! It is in no way to undermine his efforts and legacy. I apologize to the Malcolm X estate if the meaning of the photo was misconstrued. The word “n***a” causes so much debate in our community while the “n***a” behavior gets praised and worship. Let’s not. Apologies again to his family. I have nothing but respect an adoration for u. The photo was removed hours ago. Thank you

Do you accept/respect Nicki’s apology and subsequent explanation?

On the other side there are a few more pics Nick shared with the Barbz.

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