Out Of Pocket: 9 People Who Disrespected The Dead

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Celebrities and regular folks can be really disrespectful toward those who have passed away. Artists can misuse a person’s image, name or trivialize a tragedy unknowingly and some people are purposely disrespectful.

Here are 9 folks who crossed the line.

Lil Wayne

Emmett Till’s family was appalled when Wayne said,”beat that p***y like Emmett Till.” Wayne apologized, but Emmett’s family wasn’t buying it and he was dropped by Mountain Dew.

Martin Luther King Twerk Parties

MLK’s family was outraged when folks in Michigan used his image on flyers to promote twerk parties.

LeVar Burton

LeVar attacked deceased actor and father Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was found dead of a drug overdose, in a series of tweets saying shooting drugs up in your arm is not cool when you have kids. Too soon?

Nicki Minaj

Nicki used Malcom X ‘s image as the cover art for her single “Lookin’ A** N***a” and people went in on her. She later apologized saying the artwork was misconstrued.


Drake said he was disgusted that “Rolling Stone” took his cover from him last minute and ran the issue with Philip on the cover.

Wade Robson

After Michael Jackson passed away, Wade sued his estate claiming the King of Pop sexually molested him.

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    Rev. Jesse Peterson

    This nut job said Trayvon Martin was “a thug, not an innocent kid tip-toeing through the tulips.” SMH.


    Beyonce sampled audio from the Challenger space shuttle explosion, where seven astronauts were killed, for her single “XO.” She later apologized for her perceived poor taste.

    Whitney Houston Sickos

    The Beverly Hilton had to do renovations to stop weirdos from re-enacting the late, great singer’s death in the “Whitney Room.” Creepy.

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