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7-Year-Old Student Leaves School To Commit Suicide After Teacher Bullies Her

Young people trying to take their own lives as a result of frequent bullying incidents is unfortunately a growing epidemic throughout the United States and one family is rightfully outraged after finding out that their child’s “bully” was none other than her teacher.

via Kulture Kritic

For months, 7 year old Samaya Dillard says she tried to please her 2nd grade teacher but to no avail. She would often go home and tell her parents, “My teacher just doesn’t like me.”

Her concerned parents Jason and Damia Dillard tried everything in their power to get Ms. Lupe Rodriguez to have a better relationship with their child.

Unfortunately because of over-crowding, Samaya couldn’t be moved to another classroom and the young girl continued to go home with negative reports from her teacher. Samaya would constantly complain to her parents how her teacher berated her on almost a daily basis.

Everything came to a head on December 18 2013. On that day, Samaya was given a citation after she accidentally knocked over a cup of water and cried in frustration. Samaya alleged that Ms. Rodriguez dragged her chair outside to the hallway area while she was still seated in it.

Sitting outside the classroom, unsupervised and also with no coat on, her teacher left her in that state for over an hour.

Frustrated and feeling emotionally defeated, Samaya did the unthinkable. She left the school campus and began to walk, not towards home, but towards a busy highway.

“She said that she didn’t want to live anymore,” stated her father Jason Dillard.

Samaya walked 2.5 miles away from the school campus. She was exhausted when she entered an ‘On The Border’ restaurant and asked for a cup of water. The general manager was alarmed to see her so he called the police. The police refused to respond to the call citing they hadn’t received any phone calls about a missing

Jason Dillard said when he received the phone call from the principal stating that his child was missing off campus his whole world felt like it was coming to an end.

He immediately jumped into his car and went to the school where he was greeted by the principal. She informed him that they’d been looking for Samaya on their own for an hour.Two and half hours passed.

Jason Dillard gathered his two older daughters and they drove around aimlessly looking for Samaya. He found Samaya walking close to their home. She walked more than 5 miles total.

Says, Dillard, “When we saw her, her sisters jumped out the car and just hugged her and wouldn’t let her go. I was relieved.”

The teacher, Ms. Lupe Rodriguez, is currently on paid administrative leave and now the Dillard’s have their attorneys involved.

This is disturbing. Hopefully this teacher faces heavy consequences for her actions.




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