He’s Fine and He Sings Too

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The chocolately goodness that is Idris Elba just released a filler track to test the waters. He’s been on the music scene for a while as a DJ and a lowkey rapper…but now he sings too (and were not talking about autotune)

His single is due out in June. It’s produced by Pete Rock on Hevlar Records, says Artist Managment, Marsha Burnett.

Listen to the track “Best That I Can Do” here.

What do you think?

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  • http://www.myspace.com/870bg bg (Guam Bitch...What!!!)

    Stringer Bell!!!


    2nd……he never has to sing….FINE FINE FINE. Just standing there is good.

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner(Russia baby!! Hienz, Fienz, Drienz, COOL RUNNINGS!!!)

    ….I thought I saw a pic of this cat with DJ equipment….

  • High Life (1 up)

    Idris come on play boy just stick to acting and looking good.

  • jstbnme

    Idris can get it all day any day! DAMN that man is fine!

  • Scooter

    SONG IS DECENT!Got that feel good vibe to it

  • jacked up

    @ fresh perspective/high life

    maybe he is trying to swoon his gay fans with musical stylings.


    UK Baby! Go Idris- LOVE LOVE Him.. Sexual Chocolate 🙂 swoon lol



  • jb_1030 (Puerto Ricoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)

    He can get it right now!!!! Burgandy scarf and all!!

  • Kp

    He is too delicious! I wanna sop him up in some gravy.

  • http://bossip MY BAAD

    cant hear it but… im sure someone will adore his lil dittys.

    and yes he is a handsome fellow.. ok i sed it


    Sing? Ummmm NO… but he FIIIINNNNNNE thou…

  • mama africa

    Idris elba is the new Sylvester!

    You make me feel – mighty real!!!!

  • Queen %

    Song was okay, but not enough for him to become a singer. He should stick with acting!

  • Gayle

    @mama africa

    I think it is interesting this song is coming out in June, just in time for gay pride month. Don’t hate on the Beyonce and Idris, they are providing soundtracks for all the pride parades this summer!!!

  • Poetiqal (Heller how yer doin')


  • NYC Gal

    Now this is a man that looks too fine for words!

  • http://myspace.com/paydlaydee Payd Ladyee

    He looks good, but let’s leave it at that (Simply Eye Candy 4 the ladies)!!!

  • This I Know

    @mama africa

    Idris elba is the new Sylvester!

    You make me feel – mighty real!!!!


  • chaka1

    Idris is British. They have a different perspective on life. I am under the impression his new teeth are a little big for his mouth. He needs to get those fronts filed down. Other than that he is good to go…

  • K Dub Ya

    Oh the chocolatey goodness: He’s fine, is talented, and sings too…and all wrapped up with a British accent?!?!?! Mmmmmm…Mmmmmm Bytch – I’ll take one of those…I got $5 on it!!! LOL!!!

  • NYC Gal

    Idris was the only thing that was worth seeing in Daddy’s Little Girls. I remember that scene with Gabby Union. Boy that was hot! Idris is my new James Bond!

  • mamina

    love this man. song is great. His accent is delicious.

    Marry me Idris?

  • Humble Diva

    lol @ mama africa ‘Idris elba is the new Sylvester!

    You make me feel – mighty real!!!!” i love that song

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